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Unparalleled 7 awards winners of the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards

The Hong Kong Film Awards is also one of the most important awards in the film industry of Hong Kong and greater China. It is a very influential and authoritative award in the Chinese film industry, which plays a good role in encouraging the creation and development of excellent Hong Kong films. The awards ceremony of the Hong Kong Film Awards is held from March to April every year. On the evening of April 14, the awarding ceremony of the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards of 2019 was held at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. The highlight of the whole awarding ceremony was the film that won seven Awards - "unparalleled". "Matchless" finally won seven awards, including best film and best director, and became the biggest winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards. So what are the winners of the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards? This article brings you the highlights of the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony and the complete list of winners. Let's have a look.

"Matchless" was followed by "Uncle countercurrent" and "Trish", which received 11 nominations and 9 nominations respectively. The former received only two music awards; The latter won two awards for best supporting actor and actress.

Zhuang Wenqiang, who wrote and directed matchless, came to the stage three times that night and received three heavyweight Awards: Best Director, best film and best screenwriter. This film with continuous reversal in plot and complex characters helped Zhuang Wenqiang gain a foothold in the golden statue award when there was less than one person in the 'maizhuang' combination. This is also the third time Zhuang Wenqiang won the golden statue award for best screenwriter. The previous two times were Infernal Affairs in 2003 and eavesdropping on Fengyun 3 in 2015.

"Unparalleled" Huang Qiusheng won this golden award for "fallen man", which is his third best actor after "human meat barbecued bun in the eight immortals Hotel" (1994) and "beast criminal police" (1999). The best hostess was won by Zeng MEIHUIZI. She won the title of Queen of the film with her bold performance by virtue of her role of "abnormal little sister" in the mouth of Chen Guo, the director of the film Sanfu. When delivering her acceptance speech, Zeng MEIHUIZI especially thanked 'brother' Zhang Guorong. She said: 'Sanfu started on April 1 last year. I have never been to Hong Kong. I don't know how much it costs to take a taxi from Kowloon to Wenhua hotel. They said they wanted to cross the sea. I said I had only 500 yuan. Can I come back? When the first taxi left and the second came, I got on the bus directly, because that day was the death day of Mr. Zhang Guorong. My brother gave me great encouragement. I saw his play. I know that the play is bigger than heaven, so here, I thank Mr. Zhang Guorong. "

Yuan Fuhua and Hui Yinghong in Zeng MEIHUIZI's film "Cui Si" won the best supporting actor and female supporting actor of this golden statue award respectively. Yuan Fuhua also won the best supporting actor of this year's Golden Horse Award for his role of "ringing brother" in the film. The best supporting actress this time is Hui Yinghong's fifth golden statue award. Previously, she won the best female owner three times with "elders", "heart devil" and "lucky is me" and one time with "zombie". She took the stage to deliver her award-winning speech: "I am the actor who most supports the new director in Hong Kong, because I think Hong Kong must let a hundred flowers bloom and there must be young people. It doesn't matter how much we old people earn. I hope that Hong Kong films can produce more than 400 films per year as I did when I first appeared. I feel worthy of my heart, because I have the heart to contribute and support the new director more."

In terms of technical awards, "matchless" won awards such as best photography, best splicing, best art guidance and best clothing modeling. In 2018, the mainland box office champion "Red Sea Action" won awards such as best action design, best sound effect and best visual effect.

In terms of supporting newcomers, Zhuang Wenqiang won the best new actor by crisel consunji, the heroine of the fallen man. She also nominated the best heroine of this golden statue award. The best new director was won by Chen Xiaojuan, the director of the fallen, who delivered the award-winning speech, saying: "thank you for the golden image award, thank you, producer Chen Guo, brother Qiu Sheng and every actor for achieving my dream, thank Gaoxian company, thank you for the first feature film plan, which has changed my life, thank you for my husband to accompany me to the top, and we will continue to top together in the future, Thank my sister for supporting me. "

Director Wen Muye's "I'm not a god of medicine" won the best cross-strait Chinese film over films such as Hello, China "," Jianghu children "," evil does not suppress justice "and" Carnival ". After taking the trophy from Yu wenle and Yang Qianhe, Wen Muye said:" thank you very much for giving this award to us. I want to thank my two producers, Ning Hao and Xu Zheng. Thank you for the Golden Award and Hong Kong. I grew up watching Hong Kong films. Basically, half of my film knowledge comes from Hong Kong. "

Xie Xian won the lifetime achievement award of this golden statue award. The trophy was presented by the chief executive of Hong Kong. Xie Xian said in his speech: "I haven't come back here for a long time, because I'm old and about to retire. Now I'm very happy to see you again." Liu Yun won the professional spirit award of this golden statue award. As a dragon and tiger teacher, Liu Yun performed in front of the screen under the stage name of "fish head Yun" in the 1970s. During this period, he made more than 200 films. In the 1990s, humorous Kung Fu and comedy declined. He has returned to the post of dragon and tiger teacher until now.

This year's golden statue award still pays tribute to the filmmakers who died in the past year. The sounds and smiles of martial arts master Jin Yong, LAN jieying of "beautiful Wutai Mountain", writer Lin Yanni, singer Lu Kaitong, Lin Lingdong who nominated the best director of the golden statue award four times, and Zou wenhuai, the godfather of Hong Kong film, all appeared in the commemorative video. This sad memory is based on "east evil and West poison" The line "when you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is to make yourself don't forget" begins and ends in Eason Chan's song "can be one again". At the end of the film, Zou wenhuai said with a smile: "I hope you will continue to work hard to carry forward Hong Kong and Chinese films."

The following is the complete list of winners:

Best film: unparalleled

Best director: Zhuang Wenqiang's unparalleled

Best screenwriter: Zhuang Wenqiang's unparalleled

Best actor: Huang Qiusheng's fallen man

Best actress: Zeng MEIHUIZI's Sanfu

Best supporting actor: Yuan Fuhua's Cui Si

Best Supporting Actress: Hui Yinghong's Cui Si

Best new actor: crisel consunji "the fallen"

Best photography: Guan Zhiyao's unparalleled

Best splicing: unparalleled by Peng Zhengxi

Best art guide: Lin ziqiao's unparalleled

Best fashion design: unparalleled in wennian

Best action design: Lin Chaoxian's Red Sea Action

Best Original Movie Music: rubberband uncle countercurrent

Best original movie song: Song of the countercurrent (Uncle countercurrent)

Best sound effect: nopawat likitwong, sarunyu nurnsai, operation Red Sea

Best visual effect: Red Sea action by Li Renhao and Jiang Taijun

New director: Chen Xiaojuan's fallen man

Best cross-strait Chinese Film: "I'm not a god of medicine"

Lifetime Achievement Award: Xie Xian

Professionalism Award: Liu Yun