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Toona sinensis scrambled egg organ failure how to eat Toona sinensis scrambled egg is the safest

Toona sinensis scrambled egg organ failure how to eat Toona sinensis scrambled egg is the safest spring is a good time to eat wild vegetables. Chinese toon scrambled eggs are a delicious food that many friends will not miss. However, recently, an old man ate Chinese toon scrambled eggs and went into ICU. What's going on? How to eat fried eggs with Chinese toon? Let's have a look,

At more than 9 a.m. on March 31, Mr. Yu, 75 years old in Chongqing, suddenly suffered from shivering and chills, vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, he was diagnosed by the local hospital as food poisoning, causing liver, kidney and other organ failure. After being transferred to the ICU (intensive care unit) for observation, he almost lost his life. The "culprit" was a plate of Chinese toon scrambled eggs. It turned out that at dinner the previous day, the family picked half a catty of Chinese toon buds from the Chinese toon tree and fried all the eggs. Mr. Yu thought it was so delicious that he ate four fifths of it in one breath.

Toona sinensis is easy to absorb nitrate in soil and form nitrite which is harmful to human body

Nanjing expert: you don't have to worry about blanching an appropriate amount of water before eating

At present, it is the season to eat Toona sinensis. For the little friends who love to eat Toona sinensis, the strange fragrance is an irresistible 'taste of spring'. Fried egg with Chinese toon, tofu with Chinese toon & hellip& hellip; My mouth is watering when I think about it! Chongqing uncle ate Toona sinensis and even had multiple organ failure. He entered the ICU, which really made his little partner tremble. What the hell is going on? What substance in the head of Toona sinensis is so dangerous? How should we eat? Let's listen to the experts.

The procedure of blanching Chinese toon before eating cannot be saved

Toona sinensis bud has the effect of removing heat, dryness and dampness. "Yi Lin usurps Yao" shows that Toona sinensis can 'relieve lung inversion, manipulate spleen dampness, and remove damp heat from blood'. According to Luchuan Materia Medica, Toona sinensis leaves can 'strengthen the spleen, diminish inflammation and kill insects'. This is a food with tonic effect. How can it become poison?

Xia Gongxu, deputy director of the prevention and treatment center of Nanjing Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, introduced that Toona sinensis is easy to enrich nitrate in soil and convert it into nitrite. Nitrite may combine with human hemoglobin to cause methemoglobinemia and nitrite poisoning. Poisoning can be caused by eating 0.3 ~ 0.5 g of nitrite, and 3 G will lead to death. On average, the tender buds of Toona sinensis contain more than 30 mg of nitrite per kilogram, and the old leaves are as high as 55-60 mg per kilogram. Such a high content is easy to cause nitrite poisoning when people eat toon buds.

Why did others eat nothing, just this Chongqing uncle eat into ICU? Experts told reporters that the key point was that when Uncle Yu's family made fried eggs with toon sprouts in Chongqing, they only fried the raw toon after simple cleaning, and then ate too much, which led to nitrite poisoning.

There is no need to worry too much about the edible safety of Toona sinensis head. Xia Gongxu told reporters that the most important process is to blanch water before cooking and eat in an appropriate amount. As long as Toona sinensis is properly treated and eaten normally, its poisoning risk is very low. Blanching before eating is one of the best ways to reduce nitrite. Blanching for 1 minute can remove more than 2 / 3 of nitrite and nitrate. The contents of nitrate and nitrite in Toona sinensis in different periods are different. In the germination period, the contents of nitrate and nitrite in Toona sinensis are the lowest. With the passage of time, their contents will gradually increase.

Experts also remind that Toona sinensis, as a fresh spring that most people can taste, is still allergic to a small part of the population. If there is itching or rash on the skin after eating Toona sinensis, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Pay attention to distinguish 'poisonous weeds' when digging wild vegetables

A large number of wild vegetables appear on the market every spring, which is also the high incidence period of eating 'poisonous weeds' by mistake. There are patients poisoned by eating wild vegetables every year. Last year, people were poisoned by eating Lycoris while digging wild garlic.

Xia Gongxu reminded that Lycoris and shilongrui are the most easily eaten poisonous weeds, but there are several ways to identify wild vegetables and poisonous weeds. The first is smell. Poisonous weeds generally have a special pungent smell; The second is the taste. If there is an obvious bitter taste after cooking, it indicates that it may contain alkaloids, tannins and other components, indicating that it may be toxic; The third is the precipitation method. The boiled wild vegetable water is poured into the strong tea. If a large amount of precipitation is generated, it indicates that the wild vegetable contains heavy metal components or alkaloids; The fourth kind of shake, swaying the boiled wild herbs soup, if there is a large amount of foam, it indicates that it contains saponin, which may be toxic. Xia Gongxu reminded that people who like to eat wild vegetables had better go to the vegetable market to buy them. If they want to pick them by themselves, they should also choose familiar, unfamiliar or unrecognized wild vegetables. Try not to try them, because some plants are very similar to wild vegetables. Even professionals who study plants are sometimes easy to be confused.

Xia Gongxu said that the poisoning of edible wild vegetables is mainly neurological symptoms and gastrointestinal symptoms, and the toxin is absorbed quickly. If the poisoning symptoms are serious, they should be sent to the hospital immediately.