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What's the difference between glory V20 and Magic2?

Many people know that Huawei mobile phone is the leader of domestic mobile phones. In recent years, it has rapidly become the first choice in everyone's mind. Huawei mobile phones have many series. For those who like to play mobile games, Huawei mobile phones are really cost-effective. What about Huawei glory V20 and Magic2?

Difference and comparison between glory V20 and glory Magic2 parameters

Glory V20

Glory V20 adopts 6.4-inch charming eye full screen, the first under screen camera technology, 4.5mm ultra-small aperture and higher screen proportion. From signal bar, call to selfie, more eye screen function design. Streamlined fuselage, V-shaped texture on the back, charming sea blue, charming Lihong, magic night black and fashionable color matching, enjoy beauty.

Glory V20 is equipped with Kirin 980 smart chip, 4000mAh battery and the nine liquid cooling technology. Glory V20, equipped with GPU turbo 2.0 technology, is the first five-star mobile phone to experience comprehensive games through Tel lab.

Glory V20 can be transformed into a supercomputer. With a mouse, keyboard and display, it can become a computer. Glory V20 is equipped with link turbo full network aggregation technology, end cloud collaboration and network aggregation. Glory V20 supports AI dual band GPS positioning and is equipped with Yoyo, an intelligent life.

Glory V20 rear Sony imx586 48 million pixel camera, with Kirin 980 dual core NPU, imaging effect *, support AIS handheld super night scene function, front 25 million HD lens, equipped with AI micro plastic beauty. Glory V20 supports TOF stereo depth perception lens, which can recognize and track bone information.

In terms of price, the price of glory V20 is 2999 yuan for 6GB + 128GB and 3499 yuan for 8GB + 128GB. The price of glory V20 MOSCHINO joint design version is 3999 yuan (8GB + 256gb).

Glory Magic2

Glory Magic 2 is a full screen super flagship mobile phone of Huawei glory. It adopts a pop-up module and a front camera. Magic slide with 100% full screen vision and Kirin 980 chip.

Glory Magic2 adopts comprehensive screen design and eight curved surfaces with comprehensive screen. Glory Magic2 adopts a pop-up module, equipped with a front camera, and the front screen can achieve a higher screen proportion. In terms of configuration, glory Magic2 is equipped with Hisilicon 980 processor and 6GB ram + 64GB ROM as standard. And integrated dual main camera design. Glory Magic2 adopts a 6.39 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 & times; 1080。

At present, the price of 6GB + 128GB version is 3799 yuan; The price of 8GB + 128GB version is 4299 yuan; The price of 8GB + 256gb version is 4799 yuan; The price of 8GB + 512gb 3D photosensitive version is 5799 yuan.


Glory Magic2 is the flagship machine of glory in 2018. The price is relatively high and the configuration is relatively good. Glory V20 is listed as a medium and high-end mobile phone. Compared with glory Magic2, glory V20 has higher cost performance and many configuration attributes are better than glory Magic2 (such as camera, battery, price, etc.). Therefore, if you want to choose between glory V20 and glory Magic2, Xiaobian recommends glory V20!