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What is the world's largest aircraft flying for the first time? Where did you make your first flight

Today, the topic of "the first flight of the world's largest aircraft" is on the hot search, which makes many people very curious about what is the world's largest aircraft? Where did the world's largest plane make its first flight? It is reported that the world's largest aircraft completed its first flight in the Mojave Desert, California, on April 13 local time. This article brings you the introduction of the world's largest aircraft. Let's learn about the specific situation of the world's largest aircraft.

The plane was built by stratolaunch, an American aerospace enterprise, with a double fuselage design, a wingspan of 385 feet (117 meters), six Boeing 747 engines and a total weight of 500000 pounds (nearly 227 tons). In order to make the fuselage lighter and stronger, carbon fiber material is used. The aircraft has two cockpits, but the driving behavior can only be controlled by one cockpit. With a top speed of 189 miles (304 kilometers) per hour, the first flight lasted 2.5 hours and reached an altitude of 17000 feet (about 5182 meters).

Jean & middot, CEO of Strato launch systems; Freud said it was a wonderful first flight. After the successful first flight, the aircraft will be used to send rockets into space in the future. After the aircraft carries a rocket carrying a satellite to an altitude of more than 10 kilometers, it releases the rocket to ignite the engine and lift it into earth orbit.

In order to compete for the commercial satellite launch market, Paul & middot, the late co-founder of Microsoft; Allen founded Strato launch systems in 2011 to build aircraft into an air launch platform for rockets. It is reported that the aircraft's reinforced central wing can support multiple launch vehicles. This method is more accurate, faster and cheaper than the traditional ground launch method. The above information comes from the network for your reference only.