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What are the phenomena of premature aging? Correctly treat aging

Premature aging has nothing to do with age. People who live a healthy life will age much slower. So what symptoms show that you are beginning to age prematurely?

Premature aging signal 1: sparse hair

Every time I wash my hair, I leave a lot of hair on the floor of the shower. When I look in the mirror, I find that my hair begins to thin. In fact, this is a sign of premature aging. Hair has life and needs metabolism, so generally speaking, it is normal to lose about 100 hair every day. If you exceed this limit, you should pay attention.

In addition, according to the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, hair loss is related to blood deficiency and kidney deficiency. If there are signs of 'emptiness' in their early 30s, it is estimated that this is indeed premature aging.

Premature aging signal 2: body fat

By the age of thirty or forty, he gradually found that he was fat and his weight increased sharply. Endocrinologists point out that this is the result of lack of exercise. With age, the basic metabolic rate of the human body slows down. If you don't increase your activity, you are easy to get fat and gain weight.

In fact, this is also a precursor of premature aging, that is, the reduction of people's basic metabolic rate. In other words, the metabolism is slow and the basic consumption of calories is less. Therefore, even if you are not greedy, your body will naturally grow meat because of less consumption.

Premature aging signal 3: decreased sexual desire

After a few years of marriage, it is found that the husband and wife have no passion. At this time, we should be vigilant about whether there is a health alarm.

Generally speaking, men's sexual desire reaches its peak after puberty, begins to weaken at the age of 30-40, and has weakened significantly since the age of 50. Women's sexual desire peaked at the age of 30-40, gradually decreased after menopause, and began to weaken significantly around the age of 60. Although men in their 30s do get worse year by year, their sexual desire gradually decreases, and too few sex life is also one of the phenomena of early aging.

Premature aging signal 4: early onset of chronic diseases

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, diabetes and other chronic pathogens may be a high incidence of fifty or sixty years old people, but at the age of more than 30 years old, they have already gotten sick. This shows that you are really old and step into the elderly team in advance.

Do you eat salty food and love to spend the night? Do you often surf the Internet and live late into the night? Do you feel stressed and grumpy & hellip& hellip; If you have the above bad lifestyle and some chronic diseases have no genetic history, you should pay more attention to your annual physical examination.

Premature aging signal 5: yellow eyes

As the saying goes, 'people grow old and yellow', yes, yellowing eyes is also an important signal of premature aging. If you observe carefully, you will find that the baby's eyes are black and bright, while the old man's eyes gradually turn yellow and dull. In addition, the eyes are the window to reflect diseases. If you find that the eyes turn yellow, it means that the body is gradually aging.

Premature aging signal 6: walking leg pain

'old legs grow old first'. The waist and legs are the most used in people's life and work, which is the most prone to disease. At first, you may feel sore limbs and increase pain and discomfort. Because the most vulnerable limb is the bone and joint. After the synovial bone and joint is damaged, it will secrete more synovial fluid to avoid the wear of articular cartilage. If there is more synovial fluid, the joint will feel acid swelling. This suggests that the joint has been damaged at this time, which is also a manifestation of aging.

Premature aging signal 7: hair turns yellow

We have all heard of 'less white head', but it also exists that hair turns from black to yellow. White hair is a symptom of aging. Similarly, yellow hair is also one of the signals of premature aging. The reason why some people's hair turns yellow is that life pressure is too high, resulting in nervous tension and the decline of sleep quality at night. In addition, it may be caused by incorrect eating habits.

Premature aging signal 8: height decline

Height decline is the most obvious phenomenon of human aging. The study found that men's height at the age of 40 decreased by 2% - 3% compared with that at the age of 20, and women's height decreased by 2.5%. In fact, the decline of people's height is caused by the disorder of calcium metabolism in the human body. With the increase of people's age, the calcium in the body will be lost, resulting in bone contraction, resulting in the decline of height. Therefore, when we have the symptoms of height decline, we should pay attention to it, which is also a signal of premature aging.

Premature aging signal 9: often forgetful

People are not yet old, but they have memory problems. Often the recent events are easy to forget, while many previous events are still fresh in memory. This phenomenon is a prominent manifestation of aging in memory. Once this phenomenon occurs, we should pay special attention to it.

Premature aging signal 10: muscle loss

When people are young, the proportion of muscles is the most, which can reach more than 40%, while when they are 70 or 80 years old, human muscles account for only 25% of their body weight. It can be seen that the reduction of muscle is an important manifestation of human aging.

All people don't want their body to grow old, because everyone has a fear of aging, but no one will have an immortal body. The only thing we can do is to do our best to maintain our health in our lifetime, try not to let it age early, and treat the problem of aging with a correct attitude, Aging is not terrible. What's terrible is that some people can't correctly face some pessimism caused by their aging.