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Who should bear the responsibility for the reward of nearly 2 million for an 11-year-old girl

Who should be responsible for the reward of nearly 2 million for an 11-year-old girl Recently, an 11-year-old girl rewarded nearly 2 million network anchors, which triggered a heated discussion. The girl's family is engaged in the waste collection business. If the girl doesn't brush gifts, she will lose face. Let's see the details below.

"Before, it was only charging less than 500 yuan a day, but now it is charging thousands of yuan a day." If I don't brush, I will feel ashamed and under great pressure. "& hellip;& hellip; Recently, a child's review attracted netizens. Its owner is an 11-year-old girl Yangyang from Shenzhen, but what is incompatible with this immature note and language is that this fifth grade child is not only a regular guest of the live broadcasting platform, but also spent nearly 2 million yuan on the reward anchor.

Since the rise of live broadcasting, the news of spending a lot of money to reward the anchor has emerged one after another, but such a young and huge amount has refreshed everyone's cognition again.

One of the anchors of Yangyang's reward told Red Star news that the girl once said that her parents opened a company, her brother opened a hotel and there was a mine at home. " Tiktok, I feel the fire, the voice, the most wealthy man. She said in her chat with the anchor.

Girl Yangyang:

If you don't brush gifts, you will lose face and have a lot of pressure

Yang Yang said in his review that he had only begun contact with the klakla live platform from December 2018 to early this year, and had only seen videos on the tiktok.

Yangyang met four anchors on the platform and didn't post them before. Later, one of the anchor taught Yangyang to buy gold coins on Taobao and wechat, for which she registered four accounts.

'if I brush someone, he will say & lsquo; Why do you brush others instead of me& rsquo;'

'if I don't go to his live broadcast that day, he always asks me to go to his live studio.'

'if I leave him and never brush him again, he will scold me.'

In the review, Yangyang said that one of the anchors said a lot of good things to her offline and cared about himself. If she doesn't brush gifts, she will feel 'no face, great pressure'. Yangyang said he didn't know there was an automatic deduction when he bought gold coins. At first, he could recharge less than 500 yuan a day, and then he could recharge thousands of yuan a day.

According to the QQ message sent to Yangyang by one of the anchors provided by Yangyang's family: "sister, I really regard you as a very close person." I'm still the brother who loves you, because you give me a feeling of being loved. "

In the chat record with the anchor on March 7, Yangyang said, 'I feel I'm angry. Tiktok is the richest person in the world.

Yangyang's relatives and friends told Red Star news that after Yangyang's mother took back her mobile phone, she still received the news from the anchor. " Did your mother know that you spent money on gifts? You told your brother that he taught you how to talk to your mother. Your brother is your strong backing. " One of the anchors also asked the child (Yangyang) to hurt himself with him, 'you draw a knife, I draw ten knives.'

Girl's family:

Mother is too busy in the waste collection business to give her mobile phone to her daughter

"It's incredible. I haven't used a credit card at all. How can I owe more than 80000!" Before receiving the information from the bank, Yangyang's parents didn't think that his 11-year-old daughter would indulge in the webcast platform and spend a lot for the anchor.

Recently, Yangyang's mother suddenly received a notice of arrears from the bank and learned that her 500000 credit card could not be swiped. Bank card consumption records show that all consumption is transferred from her daughter's mobile phone, and the consumption records add up to more than 1.4 million. Most of the money is spent on a live broadcast platform called krakra. The consumption mode is mainly to brush gifts for the anchor, recharge red beans, etc. The reward time is mostly in the afternoon and evening.

"Not only on the platform, she also transfers money to the anchor privately, and the amount is not small." According to family estimates, Yangyang's consumption for the live broadcasting platform is close to 2 million.

Yangyang's relatives and friends told the Red Star News reporter that Yangyang's mother does waste collection business all year round, and his father is an office worker in an ordinary unit. He spends little time with his children on weekdays. She also has two brothers, both in their teens and not much contact. Because the couple were busy with work and business, Yangyang's mother gave her mobile phone to Yangyang, 'for the convenience of contacting children and picking up and sending them to school.'

Yangyang's relatives and friends said that after most of the consumption, the bank notice was sent on Yangyang's mobile phone, and she didn't say anything about it. Even when I see the transfer notice, I think it's a business transaction or I bought something before, so I don't pay attention.

"Yangyang gives us the impression that she is a good girl." Yangyang's relatives and friends told the Red Star News reporter that she likes tfboys like ordinary girls at this age. I "look ordinary and have average academic performance. I won't attract people's attention at all." According to Yangyang's relatives and friends, the children are stingy with themselves. They charge only 10 yuan at a time.

After being discovered by his family, Yangyang admitted, 'I'm a little afraid of taking my mother's mobile phone.' She said that there were 'two bad' anchors, who gave 'the most money', 'I helped them (take the first), and they didn't give me any benefit.'

"At her age, there will be some young sprouts, and it is easy to be deceived by their words." Relatives and friends said that from the chat records, these anchors clearly know that the child is only 11 years old.

Platform anchor:

I thought it was lucky money and I could give it back to her

Red Star News reporter contacted an anchor on the Clara platform. He said that if Yang Yang hadn't lied to him that he was 17 and that it was her lucky money, he wouldn't let her brush a little gift for herself.

'I said that if Yangyang stole money from her family and painted gifts, I would give it back to her.' It is understood that the anchor is 21 years old and has a good private relationship with Yangyang. Yangyang calls him "brother", and his remarks to Yangyang are "sister".

'I know Yangyang's parents can see the gift she painted for me, and I can give it back to you. I don't make her money. I didn't know she was 11 at first. " He told the Red Star News reporter that he did treat Yangyang as his sister, and the money for the brush gift would be returned to her, and he also said to Yangyang, 'if one day your parents ask for money, I can give it to you.'

According to his chat record with Yangyang, Yangyang once said that his parents opened a company, his brother opened a hotel and there was a mine at home. He once asked to brush gifts, afraid that his parents would know. Yangyang said it doesn't matter, 'the family is just pure rich, really rich.'

He said that what Yang Yang's family members said about self mutilation was one-sided. The fact is that Yangyang was misunderstood by other anchors and complained to him that he wanted to hurt himself. In the chat record, Yangyang said, 'do you know how hard it is for me to remember this thing?' And he said he was worried about Yangyang. For her good, he said, 'you draw a knife, I draw ten knives.'

Yangyang's family members said that the anchors will be wronged and pitiful with Yangyang's clothes, and talk with tears. If they say, 'brother is very difficult, you can help brother', 'brother is not loved', Yangyang will say, 'I'll pet you.' In this regard, the anchor said, 'whatever you say.'

Live broadcast platform:

Recharge is not always verified through official channels

According to Kela Kela's official website, kila kila (formerly red bean live) has been online since August 2016 and 'pioneered the live broadcasting mode of sound and image sharing' and built a diversified business system including live broadcasting, short video dubbing and dialogue novels'. In January last year, red bean live officially changed its name to kila kila, 'whether it's voice, video, games, a variety of live broadcasting methods are fully supported, and a virtual anchor is waiting for you.'

On April 11, Red Star News called the Clara platform. A staff member replied that the current information about the amount and how much it is is is incomplete, 'there is no exact number. It seems that she has more than one account, and the recharge channels are not all official recharge channels,' there is no way to respond to the outside world now. ' Now we don't have much information here, and there is not much information inside the company '. After verification, relevant principals will contact various media.

As for whether the anchor involved is still broadcasting live, the staff said it is not clear: "we must wait until we have all the information before we can take the next step. Now we are still verifying this."


Although consumption records can be tracked, it is difficult to say whether they can be identified

Due to the huge amount involved, Yangyang's family members have taken legal means to communicate with the platform, hoping to recover the money. On April 11, Yangyang's lawyer told Red Star news that previously, his family had been to Clara platform company and wanted to recover the money, but the company's attitude "seemed unwilling", so he had to take legal channels.

The lawyer told Red Star news that although the consumption records can be traced, there is still some room for controversy or debate. 'many of the information is known through wechat and chat records, which may or may not be the case', so it is difficult to say whether the judge can determine it in the end.

"The rights and interests of minors in such matters have not been protected online or have been infringed. As family members, they have the right to take up legal weapons and seek protection." The lawyer said that at present, the work is under way. The matter involves minors and doesn't want to have a great impact on children.


Teenagers are addicted to live broadcasting for complex reasons and need to enrich their psychological space in reality

Following the addiction of playing games and brushing videos, watching live broadcast addiction has become a major problem for teenagers. In recent years, more and more teenagers are addicted to network anchors, causing psychological problems. According to the data, among the 425 million live webcast users, the proportion of teenagers watching live webcast has reached 45.2%.

On April 2, Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of the state network information office, said that in June this year, China will comprehensively promote the online short video youth anti addiction system. Some netizens called for a similar system for live broadcasting. However, in the actual operation process, the users of the live broadcast platform do not have their real names, and the anti addiction system cannot be opened forcibly, which is in vain. Many minors use their parents' ID cards for real name authentication, so as to avoid the supervision of the anti addiction system.

Xiao Liang (a pseudonym), a sophomore at a key middle school, became more and more indifferent to his family because he fell in love with the "anchor sister", sometimes depressed and sometimes irritable, and his grades fell to the verge of suspension, Xinhua reported.

After an interview, the doctor learned that Xiao Liang's sister died in her twenties. Because his parents are busy making a living, no one talks with him on weekdays. Xiao Liang always goes back to his empty home to do his homework. In addition, the great pressure on his studies made him feel that his classmates had little pure friendship except academic competition.

Zheng Cheng, a psychotherapist at Anhui mental health center, introduced that there are more and more cases similar to Xiao Liang in recent years. Some of them lack family care like Xiao Liang, and some do not hesitate to give all of them a smile for the blogger because of their lack of social experience and superficial understanding of things, and out of the psychology of showing off, comparing or 'wanting face'.

Experts suggest that parents need to pay attention to their children's psychological development and improve their growth environment in order to fundamentally solve the problem. For example, it is possible to gradually get rid of the shackles of the virtual world by urging teenagers to develop their interests, increase their knowledge and enrich their psychological space.