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Hardening of blood vessels is life-threatening! 3. Do a good job in prevention and control

With the development of time, human arteries and blood vessels will harden, which is also one of the diseases that pose the greatest threat to human health. So how to prevent it?

Risk of atherosclerosis

Many people feel that arteriosclerosis is a minor disease without any discomfort, so it doesn't matter if they get arteriosclerosis. Why do many people have this illusion? This is mainly because people with arteriosclerosis have no obvious discomfort symptoms in a few years or even more than ten years, so it is also known as' silent disease '. In fact, the more arteriosclerosis develops later, the more dangerous it is. Maybe it will suddenly attack one day. If it is serious, it will directly cause death, that is, 'sudden death'. According to statistics, the number of sudden deaths caused by various diseases caused by arteriosclerosis in China is as high as 540000 every day. This situation is mainly caused by ignoring the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and allowing it to develop.

What are the signs of arteriosclerosis?

For the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, we should first understand its symptoms. Usually, there are no obvious symptoms in the early and middle stages of arteriosclerosis. At this time, we need to observe carefully.

1. In terms of age: Arteriosclerosis develops rapidly after the age of 35. In middle age, arteriosclerosis is at high risk, and it can hardly be avoided in old age. Therefore, whether arteriosclerosis is detected or not, the middle-aged and elderly groups should also do a good job in relevant prevention and treatment.

2. From the perspective of related diseases: Patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, high blood viscosity and decreased glucose tolerance should be treated with arteriosclerosis.

3. Pay attention to arteriosclerosis when the following symptoms occur:

① I often feel dizzy and bloated, and my memory becomes poor. ② Often feel physical fatigue and limb weakness. ③ There are palpitations, heartache and chest tightness. ④ Cholesterol and triglycerides are on the high side. ⑤ Sudden tinnitus. ⑥ The lower limbs are cold or numb, and feel tired after activities. ⑦ Appear leg pain, prone to calf cramps.

Step 3 prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis

1. Healthy life: work and rest should be combined in daily life to avoid being too tired. Keep your mood comfortable and avoid excessive emotional fluctuations. Develop regular living habits and avoid life work and rest disorder. Quit smoking in time, you can drink an appropriate amount of wine with low alcohol precision, which helps to improve the body's high-density lipoprotein and prevent arteriosclerosis.

2. Taking rutin to soften blood vessels: rutin can help improve the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels, and promote the microcirculation of blood vessels, so as to help prevent vascular sclerosis, clean blood waste and reduce the accumulation of vascular waste. The most effective and convenient way to eat rutin is to drink natural selenium Qiaozi tea. This is a kind of coarse grain fried. It is rich in rutin, which ranks first in all kinds of grains. It should be reminded that natural selenium Qiaozi tea should be certified with natural selenium. It is rich in trace element selenium. On the one hand, it helps to supplement selenium and improve human immunity. On the other hand, its good antioxidant ability can protect blood vessels, repair damaged vascular cells, prevent aging of blood vessels and maintain the vitality of blood vessels.

3. Adhere to moderate exercise: exercise can effectively prevent obesity, promote blood circulation and regulate blood lipid level. It is an important measure to prevent arteriosclerosis. The choice of exercise should be arranged according to their own physical conditions to avoid excessive burden on the heart. And pay attention to follow the principle of step by step. Don't force yourself to do some intense sports. Especially for the middle-aged and elderly, it is best to choose relatively relaxed sports such as fast walking, walking, health exercises and Taijiquan. They can be carried out twice every day for about one hour.