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Longevity 9 features to achieve three and a half longevity

How to live a long life is a topic of concern to all mankind. In fact, some people have summed up some secrets of longevity. If you want to live a long life, you should start health preservation from now on.

Feature 1: the greater the grip strength, the longer the life!

The study found that people's grip strength will weaken with the aging of various functions of the body. Therefore, grip strength reflects whether a person has a long life or a short life.

In 2010, researchers from the British Medical Research Council found that those with the strongest grip usually lived longer than those with weak grip, and the risk of death of those with the weakest grip was 67% higher than those with the strongest grip during the follow-up survey.

Feature 2: large vital capacity, the longer people live!

Vital capacity can predict life span, which is the conclusion of scientists at Boston University School of medicine after 30 years of research. Research shows that a person's vital capacity is closely related to the functional capacity and metabolic capacity of various systems of the body.

In short, human organs, systems, tissues and cells consume oxygen all the time. The body can work normally only when the oxygen supply is sufficient. The oxygen supply in our body is all obtained by the gas exchange of the lungs. A large vital capacity means that the amount of gas exchange in the lungs is large every time we breathe.

Feature 3: the body is slightly fat, the longer people live!

Now people are 'thin for beauty', but in fact, people who are slightly fat live a long life!

The study found that in the old age, the obese people had higher bone density and lower death rate, and the incidence of respiratory diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes were also lower, and their adaptability to the environment was stronger. For example, when the disease such as influenza and pneumonia occurred, the elderly with weight loss were more susceptible to infection, while the elderly with obesity were relatively better.

Feature 4: the more you use your brain, the longer you live!

The more people use their brains, the longer they live! When researchers counted the life expectancy of 3088 scientists, artists, writers and thinkers since the Qin and Han Dynasties, they found that their average life expectancy was 65 years old. You should know that the average life expectancy of the population before liberation was only 36 years old!

Foreign data also show that the average life expectancy of 400 outstanding scientists in Europe and America after the 16th century is 64 years, while the average life expectancy of scientists who use the brain most frequently is 74 years, including Edison 84 years, Galileo 78 years, Newton 85 years, Darwin 73 years, Einstein 76 years, Franklin 84 years and Michelin 80 years. This is 20-30 years higher than the average life expectancy of the population at that time.

Feature 5: outgoing personality, the longer people live!

Cheerful people are more likely to live a long life! A study of New England centenarians at Boston University School of Medicine found that if a person has a cheerful personality, he is more likely to make friends and take care of himself, so he is easier to tide over difficulties.

The study also found that these cheerful longevity people are not only better socially, but also more relaxed, which makes them better at coping with stress.

Feature 6: if you don't snore, the longer you live!

Many people don't know that snoring is actually a disease. An 18 year study found that people who sleep without snoring live longer. Respiratory arrest caused by severe snoring has become an accomplice of hypertension and diabetes, and even the "detonator" of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and pulmonary infarction.

Feature 7: without beer belly, people live longer!

In middle age, beer belly naturally comes out, but you know, people without beer belly will live longer!

Abdominal obesity can lead to high blood pressure, angina, myocardial infarction, diabetes and so on. A study by the American Institute on aging shows that people with abdominal obesity face a 20% higher risk of death than the average person. Usually pay more attention to the waist circumference. The male is no more than 90cm and the female surname is no more than 85CM.

Feature 8: light taste, the longer people live!

The elderly in the hometown of longevity have a light diet as a whole, and people with light taste are more likely to live longer!

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and so on 90% of the diseases are caused by diet. For example, people like to eat spicy hot pot, heavy oil and salt and spicy, as well as animal viscera. These bad eating habits are easy to cause disease.

Feature 9: the later menopause, the longer people live!

For women, menopause is longer! A new study from the University of California, San Diego, has confirmed that women who come late in menopause are more likely to live longer.

The results show that the probability of living to the age of 90 will increase for women with menopausal age of more than 50 years and childbearing age of more than 40 years. In addition, women with late menopause are more likely to have overall health in subsequent life.