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What are the differences between glory V20 and Magic2?

Now domestic mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, and many people will give priority to domestic mobile phones when buying mobile phones. In the domestic mobile phone, Zhonghua Wei mobile phone has become one of the top ranked mobile phones. There are many series of Huawei mobile phones, such as glory V20 and Magic2. What are the differences between glory V20 and Magic2?

Glory V20 and glory Magic2 are the two most glorious machines at present. Both machines use the top configuration combination of Huawei. It can be said that it is difficult to distinguish between high and low. There is basically no big difference in hardware. However, if there is any difference, we can still distinguish some.

Glory Magic2 has a unique function, that is, call real-time translation. As a practical function, call real-time translation can meet many business life scenes. Although it is unknown whether it will increase after V20, it is still unique to Magic2. However, it can be seen that the creation of glory V20 basically follows Magic2. Whether the newly launched magic UI intelligent system or the new top processor 980 is used, it can be seen that the big brother status of Magic2 is still very firm. In addition, Magic2 also uses the off screen fingerprint, but V20 still uses the post fingerprint, which shows that there is a status gap.

In other respects, the glory of V20 is not bad at all. For example, the use of 4000 Ma batteries is much more powerful than the 3500 Ma Magic2, but the Magic2's fast charging plug is more awesome, and the endurance is not too awesome. In addition, glory V20 also uses the most eye-catching imx586 at present, with 48 million effective pixels. It also has many advantages over the rear three shot Magic2, and the cost performance is still the winner of glory V20. Each has its own advantages in appearance. However, the mechanical sliding cover of Magic2 brings an eye-catching and comprehensive screen design, but at the same time, the fuselage is also relatively thick. The hole digging screen is still a new attempt for glory. There are different opinions on whether the V20 is good or not.

Price comparison of two mobile phones:

Glory Magic2 has Qilin 980 + 6G + 128G priced at 3799 yuan, while Qilin 980 + 8g + 128G priced at 4299 yuan; The first model of glory Magic2 mobile phone Qilin 980 + 6G + 128G is priced at 2999 yuan, the second model Qilin 980 + 8 + 128G is priced at 3499 yuan, and the last model is the glory V20 main configuration Qilin 980 + 8g + 256g launched in cooperation with MOSCHINO, priced at 3999 yuan.

In terms of cost performance, glory V20 is the best choice. In terms of practical functions, glory V20 is a very excellent choice. If considering the quality of photos, glory Magic2 is a good choice.