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Longevity depends on it! These foods make you live longer

Want to live a long life is the goal of all mankind, so want to know how to live a longer life?

1. Heredity

Longevity is hereditary. If you have a long-lived old man in your family, your probability of longevity will be greater. The World Health Organization believes that 15% of longevity depends on genetic factors. At the same time, the study found that long-lived people have obvious regional aggregation, that is, if there are many long-lived people around you, you may be a treasure land of longevity.

2. Good attitude

There are always people around who like to 'worry about' all kinds of things. Such people are relatively sensitive and worried. However, this will increase the burden on the heart and even lead to premature loss. In contrast, heartless and carefree people are more likely to live longer.

3. Deep in man

When we say 'among people', we mean the middle of the human nose and lips, and that ditch is called 'among people'. It is also an important first-aid acupoint. In physiognomy, there are people in one of the thirteen parts. Its depth, length and shape respectively indicate different meanings. If people are wide and thick or deep and long, it symbolizes longevity. The deeper, longer, wider and thicker people are, the better. Usually, these people have enough Qi and blood, which is for a long life.

4. Earlobe thickness

Like people with thick earlobes, they are more blessed, especially those with thick earlobes who can put down rice grains, but also show wealth! In the long-lived elderly, thick earlobes are also the majority, which is enough to see that thick earlobes are also one of the symbols of longevity. Earlobe thickness is actually a manifestation of kidney qi foot. With good visceral function, people's body will be strong and happy, and they will naturally live a long life.

5. Good sleep

The daily consumption and fatigue of the human body are recovered during sleep. With good sleep quality, people's state will soon recover. For the middle-aged and elderly, the physical damage will be minimized, and there will be no obstacles to the development of children who are still growing. As long as you sleep well, your healthy body will always be healthy. For people who can get deep sleep every day, a few hours of sleep can restore their best state.

Two rubs for health preservation, the more you rub, the healthier you are!

1. Rub the waist

Traditional Chinese medicine says that 'the kidney likes warmth and hates cold', and often press the waist and eyes, which can 'warm nephritis and smooth Qi and blood'. Put the palms of both hands naturally on the back waist close to the spine and rub them up and down to massage the waist and eyes, which has the effects of Tonifying the kidney, strengthening the kidney and prolonging life. It can also relieve backache, low back pain, cold waist, etc.

2. Rub Yin Tang acupoint

Yintang acupoint, between the two eyebrows, we often say 'Yintang blackened' refers to this Yintang. Stimulating this acupoint has the effects of brightening the eyes, dredging the nose orifices, dispersing wind and clearing heat, calming the heart and calming the mind. Therefore, when your eyes are dry, sleepy, cold, headache and upset, you should rub this acupoint.

Method: use the thumb of both hands, starting from the eyebrow, alternately push up to the hairline, and the skin on the forehead is slightly red.

What food should I eat for health preservation?

1. Garlic

Some experts in the UK believe that it is the most promising immune enhancer. Experts pointed out that garlic has the effects of strengthening the heart, promoting blood circulation and prolonging life. In addition to its unpleasant smell, its actual value is higher than gold. It was used to treat asthma in Medieval France and cancer in Britain. Until now, it is still used to treat hypertension.

For patients, a plate of garlic can be often fried in the diet, which will have a considerable effect on improving their physique. When your respiratory tract is infected and your breathing is not smooth, eating spicy food will be more comfortable than taking medicine: add a small spoonful of chili sauce to the water, drink it or gargle; Those who are not afraid of spicy can chew several raw peppers raw; Add a few garlic cloves to the soup.

2. Carrot

Carrots are mainly used in the adjuvant treatment of asthma, edema, skin diseases, neurosis and so on. It is generally believed in medicine that children can brighten their eyes by eating carrots. Many studies have pointed out that carrot is a good vegetable to enhance immunity and prevent cancer. Its effect mainly lies in its rich beta- Carotene. Namely & beta- Carotene can control the development of the most dangerous cancers, such as lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. It is a very good preventive agent for lung cancer. Eat carrots and & beta- Carotene foods can greatly reduce the risk of stroke. The study found that women who ate more than five carrots a week had a 68% lower risk of stroke than women who ate only one or less. Carrots are rich in & beta- Carotene can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol on the blood vessel wall, protect cerebral vessels and reduce the possibility of cerebral vessel rupture.

3. Spinach

Anti cancer, improve immunity. The American Public Science Center gave spinach the 'top spot' of the latest version of super nutritious vegetables. Lutein and zeaxanthin contained in spinach are conducive to improving human immunity. The latest research also shows that spinach is the food with the most significant anti-cancer effect.

Beauty. Spinach contains a lot of iron, which can improve iron deficiency anemia and make people ruddy. It is also praised as a good beauty product. Eye protection. Lutein in spinach has an important protective effect on the macula in the retina. You can eat more appropriately. It should be reminded that spinach should not be eaten too much at one time because of its high oxalic acid content.