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What's the use of credit card points? How to use it? Purpose and validity of credit card points

Credit card, also known as credit card, is a non cash transaction payment method. Now more and more people rely on credit card in their life, because credit card can advance future income to meet current consumption needs and desires. Every bank's credit card has points. Although many people are using credit cards, many people do not know the purpose of credit card points and the validity period of credit card points. Therefore, credit card points are often not used after they expire, and finally wasted. So what's the use of credit card points? How long is the credit card points valid? This article will introduce the use and validity of credit card points. Let's have a look.

The credit card stipulated in China's relevant laws (Interpretation of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the provisions of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China on credit cards) refers to the electronic payment card issued by commercial banks or other financial institutions with all or part of the functions of consumption payment, credit loan, transfer settlement, cash deposit and withdrawal [1-2]. On December 1, 2017, the English translation and writing standard in the field of public services was officially implemented, stipulating that the English name of the credit card standard is credit card. How to use credit card points? How to use points?

1、 Two understandings of integral mall

1. The first understanding of integral mall focuses on integral. That is, the points mall is an online mall specially designed to digest the reward of points. Members can use the points to exchange the gifts listed in the mall. In the whole exchange process, users will not incur new consumption costs in addition to consuming points. Here, the mall exists for integration.

2. The second understanding of integral mall focuses on the mall. That is, the points mall is a mall that can generate points rewards in the process of online consumption. Here, the significance of the mall is not to digest these points, but as an auxiliary means to reflect customer care. Such as mall points, VIP cards and membership rules. Mall points refer to a rebate activity for buyers after users purchase goods through payment. All commodities in the mall shall participate in the integral rebate activity, and the rebate proportion shall not be less than 0.3% of the commodity sales price according to the different levels of members (see the member preferential policies for details). The points obtained by the user can be directly used as cash in the next shopping. The points obtained by users can be directly offset with cash to buy goods in the mall in the next shopping according to these rules. The points shall be subject to my account - points details.

2、 How to use points

After confirming the order, you can choose to use point exchange when selecting the payment method. As long as you have enough points, you can use the points to offset all the payment.

3、 Validity of points

Validity period of points: to the end of the month after 12 months; (the validity limit of the original system points is 2 years, and the expiration time of the original points does not change with the new rules.)

Points can be redeemed for any commodity in the online mall within 12 months from the date of obtaining. Points beyond the validity period will not be redeemed.