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Does beer belly come from beer? How to eliminate beer belly?

Beer is a common drink in our life. Many people like to drink a little at dinner. Let's see how to drink beer and what to do with a beer belly?

Will beer make you fat

In fact, drinking beer does not directly constitute obesity.

A 350ml can of beer contains just as many calories (143 kcal) as a slice of sliced bread. Alcohol is easily decomposed into water and carbon dioxide after being absorbed by the human body. It can provide energy, but it will not be stored in the body. Therefore, beer will not directly constitute obesity.

Regular drinking of beer will make people fat and produce a beer belly. In fact, it makes no sense to associate drinking beer with getting fat. Beer can produce high calorific value, which mainly comes from alcohol and other extracts. Due to different types of beer, there are differences in the amount of heat. The extract components are converted into 90 kcal of heat, which can provide about 1 / 5 of the heat for normal people every day.

Beer does not contain high fat that makes people fat, so drinking beer itself will not make people fat. But it is worth mentioning that beer can promote the secretion of gastric juice in the human body and increase appetite. In addition, when drinking, it can eat dishes with high calories and increase the absorption of fat. Therefore, overeating without restraint is the real reason for human obesity.

How to reduce beer belly

1. Improve diet

Breakfast: eat a boiled egg, 300 mg cholesterol is just right, a glass of milk and an apple.

Chinese food: 1 point for meat and 5 points for vegetables. Fish or chicken is better for meat. Don't fry it. It's better to boil it in water, so as to reduce the calorie intake in the body and eat more vegetables. Vegetables: potatoes, water, tofu, green vegetables, etc. don't eat too full to avoid hurting your stomach.

Dinner: it's appropriate to be full at seven points, which is about the same as Chinese food. It's best not to eat too late. Don't eat after nine o'clock. If you're hungry, you can eat some fruit to satisfy your hunger.

Usually can drink some lemon juice, diet: fried. Fried foods are originated from the west, and are now the most culprit of many modern diseases (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), animal viscera, high calorie food (dog meat, beef, mutton). Don't drink too much wine. Drinking too much hurts the liver. You can drink up to 500ml beer a day. Also, avoid snacks. There is too much sugar in snacks. Eating too much sugar is not good, only calories. Avoid spicy food, mainly light.

2. Stick to exercise

The best exercise to reduce beer belly is to do sit ups every day. At first, you can do 20 every day, and then increase gradually. You can also do some jogging.

3. Ensure sleep quality

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main reason is the poor sleep quality of middle-aged men with beer belly. The less men have deep sleep, the less hormones they secrete. Therefore, the lack of hormones increases body fat and accumulates in the abdomen, and the effect is more obvious with age.

Precautions for drinking beer

1. It is not suitable to eat smoked and roasted food at the same time

After drinking beer, the content of lead in blood increases. Lead can be combined with harmful substances in smoked and roasted food to form carcinogens.

2. Seafood should not be eaten together

Data show that drinking a lot of beer when eating seafood will cause gout and prone to urinary calculi. The reason is that seafood is rich in purine and glycosidic acid, and vitamin B1 rich in beer is an important catalyst for the catabolism of these two components, which will increase the content of uric acid in blood. Once uric acid cannot be excreted in time, it will deposit in the form of sodium salt, causing gout or stone formation.

3, not mix with baijiu.

The brewing methods of various wines are different, and the raw materials are also different. The components of various wines cannot dissolve each other. If Baijiu and Baijiu drink, it will accelerate the penetration of alcohol in the whole body, and stimulate and damage the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys. It also affects the production of digestive enzymes in the body, reducing the secretion of gastric acid and accelerating alcoholism. It can also cause gastric spasm and acute gastroenteritis, which is also harmful to cerebrovascular.

4. People with gastritis should not drink beer

Drinking a lot of beer can cause chronic gastritis. Drinking beer again for those who have suffered from chronic gastritis can aggravate stomach disease and cause gastric bleeding. Normal human gastric mucosa can secrete a substance called prostaglandin E, which can regulate gastric acid and protect gastric mucosa from damage caused by gastric acid.

5. Patients with liver disease should not drink beer

The basic reason is the same as that you can't drink other wines, mainly because beer contains alcohol. After the alcohol is absorbed into the body through the gastrointestinal tract, it needs to be decomposed through the metabolism of tissues and organs such as the liver. Abnormal liver function, weak detoxification ability, unable to play the detoxification role in time, prone to alcoholism. Alcohol can also directly damage hepatocytes and aggravate the symptoms of liver disease.

Five ways to eliminate beer belly

1. Lateral abdominal muscle training

Put one hand behind your ear and the other hand close to the ground. Do sit ups in the left and right directions respectively, and repeat several times. When doing this group of belly weight loss exercise, the back must be close to the ground, and the hip on the side can only be raised slightly, not too far from the ground, otherwise it is easy to cause back injury.

2. Bend your knees and lift your legs

Sit on the floor with your hips as the fulcrum, support the ground with your arms, bend and raise your legs, and then put them down. Obese men can use this method to effectively contract their lower abdomen.

3. Sit ups

Lie on your back with your hands crossed in front of your chest and your legs slightly arched, such as general sit ups, get up, then lie down and repeat several times. As for the frequency, it can be determined by a human body.

For those with poor physical strength or who have not exercised for a long time, they can use other help, such as hooking their feet with the help of wardrobe drawers, or asking someone to help press and hold the instep of their feet in order to get up.

People who have just started to practice sit ups or have more abdominal fat can start with putting their hands behind their heads or stretching forward, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of our movement. At the same time, such practice can also reduce the possibility of injury. Of course, with the proficiency of practice, we can slowly try the posture of crossing our hands in front of our chest.

4. Eat three meals a day and pay attention to your diet

Giving up breakfast in order to lose weight is a very incorrect choice. Because every morning is the start-up stage of human spleen and stomach function, and bile also enters the vigorous secretion stage. If you don't eat breakfast, you will damage the function and health of these organs.

Therefore, we must not eat breakfast, but also eat well; If you don't eat lunch, it's easy to increase your appetite for dinner, resulting in fat accumulation, but you only need to eat 7 minutes for lunch; For dinner, it is recommended to eat less starch staple foods such as rice noodles. Vegetables, eggs, fish and thin people should become the protagonists of the table.

And don't eat any staple food after 8 o'clock. Drink a glass of milk or eat dried beans a month before losing weight to reduce hunger. We should also eat less snacks every day, and only carry low-fat, low-energy fruits, vegetables, biscuits, etc.

5. Drink more water and soup

Boiling water or drinking soup is more helpful for us to lose weight than food. For men who want to reduce their beer belly, drinking more water can not only improve their health, but also promote detoxification and help eliminate their stomachs. Drinking soup before meals can reduce our food intake and make us eat less. However, it should be noted that if we drink soup with heavy oil, it is not very good, so we should try to avoid it.

Conclusion: the five methods to eliminate beer belly are really useful, but they can't be achieved overnight. What we need is long-term perseverance. Only in this way can we successfully remove beer belly.