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Which is better, glory V20 or Magic2? What would you choose

Now there are more and more mobile phones, and the professional performance of mobile phones is becoming stronger and stronger. Some people like to take photos, so when buying mobile phones, they will choose mobile phones with much better camera effects. Generally, men like to play games with mobile phones, so when choosing mobile phones, they will choose mobile phones with strong game myocardial infarction. Now Huawei mobile phones have become the first choice for many men. Which is better, glory V20 or Magic2? What would you choose?

Comparison between glory V20 and glory Magic2:

① Price: the price of Magic2 with 8 + 256 memory is 4799, while the price of V20 with 8 + 256 memory is 3999

② The rear camera of Magic2 is 24 million and the V20 is 48 million. Magic2 is a rear 3 camera, and is equipped with a 16 million ultra wide-angle lens, so it will be better in the presentation of photos.

③ Appearance, the solution adopted by Magic2 is the sliding cover design, so the front is full of screens. V20 adopts perforated design, so it is almost full of screen. This depends on personal preference.

④ The system is the same

⑤ So is the processor

Compared with glory Magic2, glory Magic2 has better photographing ability, similar performance and more expensive price.

Glory Magic2 adopts a 6.39 inch full video screen with lifting structure, equipped with Kirin 980 processor, built-in dual NPU neural network unit, and provides 6GB / 8GB storage. It starts with 128GB storage and is equipped with 512gb version at the top.

The front and rear are three camera configurations, including the front three camera combination of 16mp + Dual 2MP infrared cameras and the rear 24mp black and white + 16mp color + 16mp ultra wide angle three camera combination.

Support 3D structured light and on-screen fingerprint security verification.

Glory Magic2 is equipped with 3500mah battery, supports magic charge 10v4a safe super fast charging, runs magic UI 2.0 customization system based on Android 9.0, and provides GPU turbo 2.0, yoyo intelligent life and other characteristic functions.

Glory V20 adopts a 6.4-inch hole digging comprehensive screen, equipped with Kirin 980400mah battery, 4.5v5a super fast charging, the nine liquid cooling system, AI dual band GPS, yoyo intelligent life, and GPU turbo2.0 technology.

Main Camera Sony imx58648 million AI ultra clear photography.

Front single shot 25 million pixels, f / 2.0 aperture. Support NFC, infrared and all Netcom 4G +.