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Which is better, glory V20 or Xiaomi 9? How

Now there are more and more brands of mobile phones. In the past, many people liked to choose some international well-known brands, but they didn't like domestic mobile phones so much. Now with the continuous development of science and technology, domestic mobile phones have become better and better, and their cost performance has become higher and higher. Huawei mobile phones and Xiaomi mobile phones have increased rapidly in recent years and have been loved by many people. So which is better, glory V20 or Xiaomi 9?

Xiaomi 9

The internal code is battle angel, which is known as the most capable Xiaomi mobile phone. The 6.3-inch water drop comprehensive screen accounts for 90.7%, and the chin is further reduced. The sixth generation Corning gorilla glass is adopted, which makes the mobile phone more solid.

Equipped with the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor and a new 7Nm process, the performance of the mobile phone is improved by 45%, the energy consumption is reduced by 40%, and the running score exceeds 380000, killing all Android phones.

In terms of camera, the rear 4800 + 1600 + 12 million three shot combination is also adopted, which supports ultra wide-angle and ultra macro shooting, and the shooting effect is greatly improved.

In addition, this mobile phone is also equipped with the fifth generation front screen fingerprint unlocking, upgraded dual band GPS, upgraded multi-functional NFC, infrared function, unique AI key, game optimization, game turbo game mode, etc. The configuration of Xiaomi 9 is quite rich this time.

At present, this phone will be released on February 20, waiting to announce the price.

Glory V20

This mobile phone is a high-performance mobile phone released by glory in December last year. Firstly, the screen adopts the current more avant-garde open hole comprehensive screen design, with a 6.4-inch LCD screen.

Equipped with Huawei's latest Kirin 980 processor, it is also a new 7Nm process. With the new gpu2.0 technology and dual brain NPU, the performance is also very strong.

In addition, it is equipped with a 48 million pixel camera, and the photographing effect is also quite good. The nine liquid cooling, WLAN three antennas, link turbo full network aggregation technology, dual band GPS, 4000 Ma battery and 4.5v/5a super fast charging are added.

The overall configuration is also quite rich. The mobile phone costs 2999 yuan, which is also very cost-effective.

Generally speaking, these two mobile phone configurations are at the current top flagship level, but Xiaomi's 855 still has better performance. In terms of photography, Xiaomi 9 is a little better on the whole because of the glory of V20.

People who pay attention to the mobile phone industry should know that Xiaomi and glory have been quarreling with each other these two days. Mrs. Wang sells melons and boasts. Therefore, many people are tangled about the choice of glory V20 and Xiaomi 9. We just take this opportunity to make a detailed comparative analysis of these two mobile phones.

Appearance design:

Xiaomi 9 is known as' the best looking Xiaomi mobile phone so far '. The back cover adopts a gradient color body design and a double-layer nano Aurora coating process. It has a unique colorful look, especially the transparent version of' battle angel ', which has a more cool visual effect. The disadvantage is that the front of Xiaomi 9 adopts the water drop screen design, which is slightly insufficient in innovation.

The back of glory V20 also adopts nano laser engraving technology and 3D hyperboloid glass design to make the V-shaped diffraction light and shadow flow. Glory said it was inspired by the statue of the goddess of victory in Samoa Thrace! The front glory V20 of the mobile phone adopts the hole digging screen design. Although this kind of design is similar to the water drop screen at present, it is very different in essence. The hole digging screen can add more ductility to the mobile phone design in the future.

Overall, Xiaomi 9 and glory V20 have their own advantages in appearance, but glory V20 has obvious advantages in innovation. Hole digging screen design should become the mainstream trend of smartphones in the past two years.


Glory V20 adopts Kirin 980 processor in hardware configuration and emui system in system, while Xiaomi 9 adopts Xiaolong 855 processor matched with MIUI. In terms of hardware, although the configuration parameters of Xiaomi 9 are not clear, it is consistent that Kirin 980 is no less than Xiaolong 855 in CPU, but there is still some gap between the two processors in GPU, However, glory V20 also adopts its own GPU turbo 2.0 technology to deal with the defect of insufficient GPU of Kirin processor.

Therefore, in terms of daily use or game experience, glory V20 is not necessarily much worse than Xiaomi 9.