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Where do you go on May Day 2019? There are fewer people on May Day 2019. Recommended tourist attract

Where to play on May Day in 2019? It's better to have fewer people on May Day, and less popular tourist attractions are recommended the May Day holiday in 2019 is coming. Many friends have made travel plans early. However, in recent years, the tourism industry has developed. Every holiday, scenic spots everywhere are full. What they see is not scenery, but a sea of people. Where are fewer people going on May Day? Let's recommend a few tourist attractions with few people. Let's have a look.

1. The first stop in Bashu, summer resort: Zengjia mountain

Although it has just arrived in May, Xiaobian has foreseen a summer resort in advance. Zeng's family has a good time at four o'clock and beautiful mountains; Everyone says that Zeng's family is good. The first journey to Bashu!

Guangyuan Zengjia mountain is not only a cool summer resort, but also a natural oxygen bar. Its forest coverage rate is 74%, which has the reputation of "natural oxygen bar". Due to its unique geological landscape, it enjoys the reputation of "karst cave kingdom" and "Shilin cave township". The average annual temperature is 12 ℃, the average temperature in summer is 23 ℃, and the average temperature in winter is minus 6 ℃. It is a tourist and leisure resort for enjoying flowers in spring, summer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter.

2. Jinshanling Great Wall

The Great Wall is the image of China. It carries too much traditional Chinese spirit and also gathers the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient people. 'less than the Great Wall is not a hero'. Each section of the Great Wall has its soul. How can we interpret the China in our hearts without climbing the great wall once.

Jinshan Ling the Great Wall, located at the junction of Miyun and Luanping, Hebei, Chengde, is the best preserved the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty. It is the cream of Ming the Great Wall.

Here is a paradise for photographers, the ancient Great Wall loved by foreign tourists and a treasure land for hikers. There is no crowd flocking to the Badaling Great Wall, and there are not too many traces of decoration. The pitted green bricks are engraved with its millennium history.

Jinshanling's great wall has more than three, that is, more photographers, more foreigners and more walkers on foot. " The evaluation of the Great Wall, Jinshan unique show 'is well deserved by the Jinshanling Great Wall.

3. Unique in China: Sand Lake

Desert and sea are a yearning for Xiaobian, who was born inland. Freedom may be the throb of desire in everyone's heart. Desertification is invisible in the form. Its vastness gives you a material impression of freedom.

Shahu, 42km away from Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, has more than 20 square kilometers of desert and more than 40 square kilometers of water. You can feel the visual impact and spiritual impact of desert and oasis. This kind of nerve touch strange landscape is really rare in the world.

Sand Lake, Sand Lake, Lake run Jinsha, sand embrace green lake, the scenery of the four seasons is different. One sand, one world, one bird, one heaven. This is white bird paradise. Today's bird watching Festival has become an international brand.

Water around sand dunes, birds flying together, and desert exciting games. Coming to Shahu gives you more than a surprise.

4. China Theme Park: Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park

Recently, Shanghai Disneyland opened, which not only attracted a large number of tourists, but also the busy "scalpers". It is no longer rare to fry thousands of yuan per ticket.

In fact, many places also have theme parks with Chinese characteristics. Xiaobian has liked to dance knives and guns since childhood, so he recommends a theme park - the Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park.

The Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park is an emerging military culture theme park established by Yinchuan municipal Party committee and government, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is located in the eastern tourist line of Yinchuan Binhe new area. The main buildings include the "Yinchuan ship", "Yinchuan ship" memorial hall, the weapons and equipment exhibition hall of the land, sea and air forces, and the sightseeing area of peace square.

The Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park is a military themed scenic spot, where you can deeply experience military exploration and military life, especially the life of Navy sailors, and feel the charm of military culture; At the same time, it is also a military theme cultural creation base and a military theme film and television shooting base.

5. Listen to the story of the king of Tang and visit the palace of the king of Tang: Huaqing Palace

Xi'an was called Chang'an in ancient times. Chang'an has been the imperial capital since ancient times. Xi'an has a civilization history of more than 7000 years, a city history of more than 3100 years and a capital history of more than 1100 years. It is one of the four ancient capitals of China, one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, and the starting point of the silk road.

The Huaqing Palace (Huaqing pool & middot; Lishan) scenic area adjacent to the terracotta warriors and horses, the eighth wonder of the world, is located 30 kilometers east of Xi'an.

A song of eternal regret tells the love story between Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty and imperial concubine Yang. There are not only beautiful and moving love stories in Huaqing pool, but also the departure gardens of emperors of Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is famous at home and abroad for its unchanging hot spring resources, historical allusions of the princes of the beacon fire drama and the place where the 'Xi'an Incident' took place. It has become a symbolic scenic spot of China's Tang Palace Cultural Tourism.

6. A must choice for parent-child Tourism: Xuzhou paradise

If the military theme park is too blunt, children prefer a paradise like Beijing Happy Valley. Xiaobian recommends a children's world, Xuzhou paradise.

Located in the southwest of South Third Ring Road and on both sides of Yudai River in Xuzhou, it belongs to Yunlong Lake scenic spot, covering an area of 810 mu. It has three core projects: water world, candy world and happy world.

There are surprises everywhere in the mysterious Caribbean water world. Bulao spring slide and candy world let children enjoy passionate Carnival in extreme dynamic and quiet leisure.

7. Bali in Fuzhou

This is the Xilin spring left behind in the world, the tourist holy land of Southeast Asia, and the Xishan hot spring tourist resort on Paris island in Fuzhou.

If you don't want to be disturbed by too many people, and if you don't want your vacation to be too monotonous, please come to Xishan, an exquisite resort, which will become a pure land for your soul.

Xishan hot spring tourist resort is located in Gui'an tourist resort in Gui'an village, Pandu Township, Lianjiang county, Fujian Province. It is an original national boat making soup - Panxi sail. The boat body is a pool and there is a hot spring in the pool. People are among them. A light boat sways on the Aojiang River and happens to meet the boatman and sing two tunes.

Such luxury is hard to find elsewhere; And the first private soup house of dans with unique shape in China. In summer, water rafts and water bicycles release their vitality; Or fishing in Xixi, a green golf driving range and a green swing can make life happy.

8. An independent Paradise: Ancient Dong Village

In Western Hunan, there is a place that has been called Tongdao County since the Song Dynasty because it is located in the southwest at the junction of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou since ancient times. Because the channel is not close to the airport and high-speed railway, the landscape and Dong village here are not over developed, but retain the original style.

Here, you can see the ancient Dong village of taro, known as the Potala Palace of Dong village; Here, the young A-Mei you chat up inadvertently may be a reborn person with a past life memory; Here, you can climb to Wanfoshan and feel the spectacular of "Wanfo Chaozong"; Here, in the early morning and dusk, take a boat and cross Danxia peaks, Dong village and fields with the Yudai River.

9. Comparable to Huangshan: only Baishi mountain

"One mountain and four seasons, Qixiu merger and integration". It enjoys flowers in spring, summer vacation, autumn red leaves and winter rime. It is Baishi mountain located in Laiyuan, Hebei Province, which is called northern Huangshan by tourists.

The most beautiful season of Baishi mountain is from May to October every year. The sea of clouds, strange stones and Buddha light can be described as the three unique sceneries of Baishi mountain!

In Baishi mountain in May, colorful mountain peach, apricot and azaleas are in full bloom among the mountains, clusters by clusters, looking brilliant, dazzling and full of hope under the blue sky and white clouds. The sightseeing trail of Baishi mountain is built quite horizontally, with reasonable height design, slow slope climbing, comfortable ladder width and comfortable walking. Many old people and children are climbing along the way. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see the distant mountains with Dai and the fresh air. This exciting feeling can only be felt when you are on the scene.

In addition to the pleasant scenery, there is also its glass plank road. Standing on the suspended glass plank road with a total length of 95 meters and a width of 2 meters, which is the widest and highest altitude in China, feel the feeling of standing at a height of 1900 meters and watching yourself suspended on a cliff through your feet.

Beautiful scenery and exciting travel, the first strange mountain in the north will surprise you.

10. Poetic ancient city: Zhaohua

Zhaohua ancient city, located in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, is a national AAAA scenic spot. Spring rain baptizes the ancient city and returns to tranquility. Let's visit the night of Zhaohua ancient city and tell a story about Zhaohua rainy night. Every corner here is a story.