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This part is warped, indicating that wealth will be excellent! Analysis of five blessings

A lot of luck can be seen from women's hips. How can women have better wealth. Come and have a look.

The more warped this part of a woman is, the better her fortune is

Buttocks upturned

Women with upturned hips are also lucky and rich. Such women are very popular and can coexist peacefully with anyone, so they are very popular. When there are difficulties, someone is willing to help them. After marriage, Wang Fu has a good family and strong fortune, which can bring good luck and auspiciousness to the family and the people around him.

The buttocks are large and elastic

Such people have good fortune and stable families. Women are often very frugal, but emotionally they are easy to provoke peach blossom robbery.

Fat but no hips

Fat but no hips represent a lack of wealth, so it's best to keep your business safely; If you have a good nose and ear, you don't have to be so pessimistic, because as long as a certain part has good reason, you can achieve ten years of good luck. If you have a good nose and ear, as long as you struggle for 20 years, you will have more wealth than the average people's life.

Big hips

Husband Yun Jia and having expensive children can make money and spend money. Girls with slightly larger hips and shoulders can marry good husbands, and have good children and good earning ability, but they are not restrained in spending money.

Abundant round, moderate size

The husband and son have achievements, wealth and a library. The hip size is moderate with the same width as the shoulder. From the back, it should be slightly plump and elastic. This is the so-called standard hip. Girls with rich and moderate hip size have good husbands and children after marriage. They can not only have money, but also save money.

Too fat

Girls who are less motivated to work, have a bad relationship, and have a fair marriage. Girls who are too big under the hip to shoulder ratio usually move slowly and do things without motivation. They usually don't go well in love. However, they are very good at running a family after marriage. Because they are easy to have expensive children and keep money, marriage is usually good.

The five blessings that make you good luck

The so-called things happen for a reason. When you start to go lucky, it also indicates good luck. Everyone hopes to have good luck and wealth. With the growth of age, the subtle changes in some parts of the body will tell you whether to start lucky now. So what kind of body will remind you that good luck is coming? Here are the five lucky signs that make you good luck.

round face

In traditional Chinese aesthetics, a round face is a symbol of happiness. In philology, a round face with meat and gold means that wealth and fortune have developed well. Therefore, girls who love beauty should not lose weight at will because their face is fat and meat, so as to change their face shape, which will lose your luck.

Big mouth

It's true that they all talk and eat everywhere. Although they are ugly, they do have good luck in philology. Guo Furong, the 'big mouth' from the biography of Wulin, is now a mother. She is happy and enviable. I'm afraid the most convincing one is that big mouth.

Hip warping

People with big hips represent wealth in philology. The so-called "ten fat and nine rich, not rich is no ass". Many people will lose their hips because of their big hips, but they lose their pockets.

an influential or powerful person

Slender legs are pleasing to the eye, but there is a saying in philology that 'legs are long and feet are thin, running and hard'. If you don't want to be a laborious life, give up those bird legs!

Small belly

Physiologists believe that the shape of a person's lower abdomen like a hanging dustpan is a sign of happiness and longevity, 'there is no three armours on the back and three unions on the abdomen, which is not the experience of longevity', so you might as well leave a little belly to accumulate luck, 'abdominal muscles' in exchange for' abdominal hunger '!

The facial features of rich people

High nose, high cheekbones, easy to gain power

People with long nose, high nose and straight nose are determined to do things. Most of them can get social status and power and become successful people with their own efforts.

Double cheekbones are high and matched with high cheekbones, which means that the more successful the career, the higher the social status and the greater the power.

Cheekbones are inserted into the sky, and the warehouse is booming

Tiancang refers to the position of the temple. Inserting the cheekbones into tiancang means that the cheekbones are full and horizontal, and the cheekbones extend to the position of the temple, which means that even if you are born poor, you can make great progress with your own efforts or an opportunity.

Start from scratch

Men with flat shoulders and generous shoulders have plenty of energy, courage and sense of responsibility. They can undertake important tasks and achieve great undertakings, so most people who start from scratch have this style.

Big mouth and big food

As the saying goes, 'men eat everywhere', which means that people with big mouths dare to express themselves boldly, are easy to establish good relations with others, and are easy to succeed wherever they do business.

People with big teeth represent strong action. If the mouth is big and the teeth are big, the combination of the two can eat more wealth.

The forehead is high and full, with the help of noble people

People with high, broad and full foreheads represent strong intelligence and observation. Even if they have no ancestral shadow, they also have the help of powerful dignitaries. Generally, they are one step faster than people of the same age, have a successful career, or even make progress.

People with large and full foreheads are smart and resourceful, or outstanding in their studies, or successful in their youth. They have good luck in their youth.

In addition, if you have a good nose, high collar and rich, and the momentum runs through your forehead and nose, it is often a sign of success for young people, and wealth will be prosperous.

The eyebrow is clear, the eyes are hidden, and the determination is strong

Meiqing means that each eyebrow is born in order, each eyebrow foot can be clearly seen, and the eyebrow color is beautiful and shiny.

If you add sharp eyes to hide God, it gives people a feeling of confidence, which means clear thinking, strong decision-making and the style of achieving great things.

Beautiful eyebrows, thick ears and drooping pearls, excellent wisdom

Eyebrows, eyes and ears are well matched, which will have a good wealth gathering effect.

Eyes are a mirror that reflects a person's inner world. They are black and white, hidden and long. They must be people with superb wisdom and take the right way to obtain money.

If the ears are big and wide, the outline is clear, the color is moist and white, and there are thick hanging beads, it is a person with good fortune. Generally around the age of 40, you can create considerable wealth.

Conclusion: do you have all these characteristics? Quickly compare and see how your wealth is. Nowadays, everyone is more concerned about their wealth. Money is really very important in this society. With money, you can do everything well, and you can start your own business. However, no matter what, we still have to struggle well.