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How to do dark yellow on the face? How to regulate a good complexion

For girls, the dark yellow on your face not only affects your beauty, but also implies that there are some conditions in your body. How should you adjust it?

The cause of sallow face

1. Melanin excess

Part of the reason for the sallow face is the precipitation of melanin on the face. The dark yellow skin formed by the accumulation of melanin shows that you don't pay attention to sunscreen at ordinary times, and the skin color on your face or arm shows different skin color. Due to UV exposure, the cuticle of the skin is damaged and the skin surface is rough. Due to the dark yellow skin caused by melanin accumulation, you need uninterrupted sunscreen 365 days a year to block all the possibility that the outside world may harm the skin. At the same time, you also need to take vitamin C drinks or granules every day. In terms of diet, you should eat more whitening foods such as purple rice, black rice and tomatoes.

2. Cutin oxidation

The waxy yellow of female skin may also be caused by cuticle oxidation, because the cuticle is oxidized and presents a yellow and lusterless face. The causes of cutin oxidation include electromagnetic waves in life, computer radiation, smoking and lack of sleep.

When this happens, we can make effective improvement through food, such as honey and lemonade, which can resist radiation and ultraviolet rays. At the same time, we also need to apply a layer of isolation cream or sunscreen on the skin and apply it every 4 hours. If cutin oxidation is caused by your living habits or work and rest, you need to change your bad habits. Vitamin E can be granule health products or natural fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, nuts, meat products, bananas, etc.

3. Weakened skin water storage function

Skin aging causes the decline of stratum corneum regulation function, the ability to respond to various external stimuli is significantly weakened, the water storage capacity is weakened, and the skin is waxy and yellow. It is urgent to enhance the water storage function of the skin. First, apply isolation cream and sunscreen without dead corners to isolate external stimuli. Drink plenty of water and stick to 8 cups a day. It's best to drink some green tea or black tea to resist radiation. Eat more hydrating food and fruits, and pay attention to tonifying Yin and Qi at the same time. It is recommended to eat more fruits, fish, lean meat, sesame, walnut, honey, tremella, pear, red jujube and other anti dryness and Yin nourishing foods.

4. Old waste cutin accumulation

Because the weather is cold, the metabolic function of the body will be weakened, so it is easy to accumulate old waste cutin on the face, resulting in dark yellow, rough skin, thick pores and strong oil secretion. You need to remove old waste cutin regularly.

Winter skin is easy to dry, not suitable for excessive exfoliation, generally speaking, oily skin once a week. Dry skin once a month. Mixed and neutral skin up to twice a month. Sensitive skin if the skin condition is good, you can go once a month, but exfoliating products need to be carefully selected. Exfoliation is not recommended for red blood skin. Every time you go to the keratin, apply a moisturizing mask. You can eat some red dates inside.

How does facial expression wax yellow recuperate

1. It's no harm to be picky, so is vegetables

The study found that broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables are not only a good source of crude fiber, but also take away excess water in the body during digestion to prevent edema. Experts suggest that if you don't want to wake up the next morning with swollen eyelids, you can eat these vegetables properly at dinner. Cauliflower, lettuce and white gourd also have the same effect. If you love beauty and health, you can eat more of these vegetables appropriately.

2. Drinking water is the best way to keep your face from becoming a container of caffeine

Scientific research has found that modern people generally have the problem of excessive caffeine intake, especially white-collar workers. During the day, we drink coffee, tea, coke and sports drinks, all of which contain more or less caffeine, but less white water. Excessive caffeine intake can lead to anxiety, rapid heartbeat and insomnia, and indirectly affect our good face. Too much caffeine makes us more prone to insomnia. How can we have a good face if we can't sleep well? It is suggested that daily water replenishment can be completed by drinking boiled water, eating fruit and porridge to reduce caffeine intake.

3. Drink a little yellow rice wine

A bad face is sometimes caused by a dull lip color. Traditional Chinese Medicine found that many women in their 30s have spleen deficiency. The most obvious symptom is that their lips are white and have no color. I can't see my makeup on weekdays. After removing my makeup, I found that my lips have long been just a drawing board of lipstick and oil paint. To have a beautiful face, start with a ruddy lip color. With a natural red lip color, you need to pay attention to tonifying the spleen. In addition to eating more yam and other spleen tonic foods, experts suggest that you can drink some yellow rice wine with meals in cold weather. At the same time, it is also the most traditional spleen tonic recipe, which is helpful to improve skin color. Shredded ginger and plum can be added to warm wine to enrich the taste. But it should be reminded that just drink one cup a day and don't overdo it.

4. Take a nap and enjoy beauty at noon

Yes, for office workers, taking a nap is a luxury. But more and more studies have found that taking a nap at noon every day is not only good for health in the short term and long term, but also helpful for maintaining energy in the afternoon. Taking a nap at noon can give our brain and body a double rest, make us look better and have more energy all day. It should be reminded that if you rest on your desk, you'd better turn off the computer to eliminate radiation.

5. Cultivate the good habit of going to the toilet and don't miss the opportunity of detoxification every day

Some wastes and toxins need to be discharged from the food we eat every day after digestion. Whether these toxins are discharged in time is very important for our complexion. After entering the human body, food is first digested by the stomach and then absorbed by the small intestine. If there is constipation, the toxins staying in the small intestine will flow all over the body through the blood, making the skin yellow and rough, affecting our good face. A cup of warm water every morning can help wake up the sleeping intestines and make our day light. Constipation diet. Insufficient intake of food fiber is a major cause of constipation. If you can't guarantee that you eat seven kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, it's also a good way to have a good face to supplement them with vegetable juice.

6. Hawthorn is a good food for every woman

When it comes to afternoon tea, many people think of Western tea: tiramisu made of soft cheese or cappuccino with a cup of rich milk bubbles. Although the taste of these foods is attractive, they have high calories and single nutrients. Too much fat will make the skin color uneven. Experts recommend that you who love beauty and health drink a cup of hawthorn tea every day, because Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum cholesterol, blood pressure, diuresis, sedation and other effects. It can strengthen the heart, increase coronary blood flow, expand blood vessels and make your face ruddy. It can be said that hawthorn is a good food for every woman. In addition to hawthorn, red dates, figs and other classic female foods can also be used as daily snacks. Because they all help us look good.

Conclusion: how to maintain their body is very important. Women still have to care more about their body. If they find that they are uncomfortable, they must be treated and conditioned in time. We also pay more attention to our diet. Many fruits and vegetables are very good for our health. If you want to have a good look, it is also very important to exercise your body. Girls can do more yoga, which is very good for their body.