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What are the films released on May Day in 2019 and the films recommended for May Day in 2018

What are the films released on May Day in 2019 and the films recommended for May Day in 2018 May Day is a legal holiday in China. Some friends want to take this opportunity to travel and relax. Some friends don't want to linger in the sea of people and want to enjoy time in the cinema. So what are the films in the May Day Golden file in 2019? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

1、 Avengers 4: the final battle

Type: action / adventure / science fiction

Director: Anthony & middot; Russell / Joe & middot; Russell

Screenwriter: Christopher & middot; Marcus / Stephen & middot; Mcphili / Stan & middot; Lee / Jack & middot; Kobe / Jim & middot; Stirling

Starring: Bree & middot; Larson / Robert Jr. & middot; Downey / Chris & middot; Heimsworth / Scarlett & middot; Johnson / Josh & middot; Brolin / more

Production country / region: USA

Release date: April 24, 2019

Length: 182 minutes

Plot introduction:

After the devastating event of Avengers 3: Infinite War, the universe was devastated by the action of crazy Titans. No matter what the consequences ahead will be, the avenger alliance must gather again with the help of the remaining allies to reverse the actions of mieba and completely restore the order of the universe.

2、 Animal attack

Type: Adventure / science fiction / family / disaster

Director / screenwriter: Feng Xiaoning

Composer / film and television music producer: Liu Ye

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Release date: April 30, 2019

Film length: 90 minutes

Plot introduction:

A huge foreign ship loaded with highly toxic raw materials was hijacked by pirates, and all the people on board died strangely in the twinkling of an eye! Only one parrot survived. And the huge ship out of control is still coming to the port at high speed according to the automatic driving procedure... A huge unknown disaster is coming! At the critical moment of life and death, a little girl who could inadvertently talk to animals learned the terrible news from animals, but when she told the news to adults, no one believed that animals could talk to people. During the crisis, the animals took action and rushed up with the girl to save the sea, save the cities and all lives on the shore. When the girls and animals arrived on the ship, they found another terrible crisis & hellip& hellip;

3、 "Invincible in Kowloon"

Type: plot / action / crime

Director: Chen Guo

Screenwriter: Chen Guo / Lin Jitao

Starring: Zhang Jin / Anderson & middot; Silva / Zheng Jiaying / Liu Xinyou / Deng Lixin / Zhou Guoxian / Chen Yuyun / Gu Tianle /

Producer country / region: Hongkong, China, Chinese mainland

Release date: April 30, 2019

Film length: 100 minutes

Plot introduction:

Detective Kowloon (Zhang Jin), with a strange and ruthless way of investigating cases, has repeatedly made miracles. He is an elite detective who dominates the Hong Kong police community, but he acts arbitrarily and is regarded as a 'paranoid madman' by the police force. Kowloon was ordered to investigate a serial murder case of a young policewoman. After using all means, he not only had no clue, but his police fiancee Fang Ning (played by Deng Lixin) unexpectedly disappeared in the arrest. In Kowloon, struggling on the edge of love and pain, I suddenly found that the serial murder of female policemen was only the first step. The murderer had a more bloody plot, and he and his fiancee were also calculated. At this time, a female policeman was killed again in Macao. This time, the modus operandi is even more heinous, but the murderer seems to have deliberately left a clue. Is it a dangerous trap or the dawn of revenge? Jiulong set out without hesitation. With the assistance of his good friend Wang Mengqi (Liu Xinyou) and international champion Xian Lishan (Anderson the spider Silva), he joined hands with Macao police superintendent Cao Zhide (Zheng Jiaying) to investigate. The devil is ten feet high, and the road is geometric! Before the blood debt is paid, even if the last drop of blood is drained, we should never stop.

4、 Snow storm

Director: trisway

Screenwriter: trisway

Starring: Zhang Zhen / Ni Ni / Liao Fan / Huang Jue / Liu Hua / more

Type: action / suspense / crime

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Language: Mandarin

Release date: April 30, 2019

Film length: 111 minutes

Plot introduction:

The film "Snowstorm" tells a story about a group of ferocious and sophisticated bandits in a border town in the far north, robbing gold carriers in order to deprive gold, and covering up all traces of crime with the help of heavy snow. In order to explore the truth, police officer Wang Kanghao secretly collected evidence and became familiar with the terrain. Finally, when a disastrous snowstorm came, he had a thrilling face-to-face confrontation with the murderous bandits & hellip& hellip;

5、 Cat Princess Sophie

Type: animation / Adventure

Director: Pan Zhichao

Screenwriter: Li Buyi

Dubbing actor: Liyang / Zhangfan / Qikai / Lvqi

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Release date: May 1, 2019

Length: 78 minutes

Plot introduction:

In the world of magic cats, Sophie is the favorite kitten of French painter Monet. Later, due to the loss of a famous painting, Sophie met Dongdong and Taotao from China. They went to China together and started a wonderful journey of looking for paintings

6、 Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

Director: Yan Dong

Type: Documentary

Producer countries / regions: Chinese Mainland / Hongkong / Macao

Language: Mandarin

Release date: 2019-05-01 (Chinese mainland)

Length: 70 minutes

Plot introduction:

This film focuses on the sinking and installation process of immersed pipe E30 in the last section of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge construction, showing the Chinese Bridge

The innovative spirit of "daring to be the first in the world" and the arduous struggle process of the beam builders show that the bridge project involves complex construction problems such as hydrology, geology, white dolphin, typhoon prevention and meeting navigation, maritime and aviation restrictions, and combine the design concepts of the three major parts of the main works of the bridge, bridge, island and tunnel and the world's leading key technologies, Like a kaleidoscope.

The film uses various shooting methods and ingenious editing techniques to tell a vivid story during the construction of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge. At the same time, with the help of literature, the film has collected a large number of valuable documentary video materials. Through the analysis of Chinese bridge history, the film content is more scientific and the film spirit is more inherited.

7、 Wukong Adventure

Type: Comedy / Animation

Director: Yin Yuqi

Screenwriter: Yin Yuqi

Dubbing actor: Zhang Zhen / Yuanqi Zhou / Li Lu / baomu Zhongyang / Li Shanshan / Zhang Sheng

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Release date: May 1, 2019

Length: 88 minutes

Plot introduction:

After becoming a Buddha, the idle Monkey King (voiced by Zhang Zhen) came down to the world under the instruction of the Jade Emperor (voiced by baomu Zhongyang). He met the lost deer and the little girl Jingjing (voiced by Li Shanshan). The three set out with different purposes. Many interesting things and misunderstandings happened during the journey, and the three gradually deepened their friendship. Wukong gradually realized that festivals, both at home and abroad, represented the expectation of family affection. He not only untied Jingjing's heart knot, but also spared no effort to fight with Tianting to protect children's love and expectation.

8、 Next: predecessor

Type: love

Director: Chen Hongyi

Screenwriter: Chen Hongyi

Starring: Guo Caijie / Zheng Kai / Li Dongxue / Xie Yilin / Liu Xinyou / Qiu Xinyi / Li Ronghao /

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Release date: May 1, 2019

Film length: 90 minutes

Plot introduction:

Lin Xintian (Guo Caijie) has been on a bad road of love and can't meet the right person at the right time. Just when she was discouraged, fate made her meet the amorous warm man Wuchuan (Zheng Kai). Wuchuan launched a fanatical pursuit of Xintian, and finally Xintian was moved. However, unexpectedly, Huang Kequn (Li Dongxue), the male god of Xueba, whom Xintian has secretly loved since she was a student, appeared again. Should we choose the happiness in front of us, or the prince charming we dreamed of many years ago? After careful Tian made a decision, she found that love was already doomed!

9、 Crossing Shaoguan

Type: plot / family

Director: Huo Meng

Screenwriter: Huo Meng

Starring: Yang Taiyi / Li Yunhu / Wanzhong / Nie Dongcai

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Release date: May 2, 2019

Length: 93 minutes

Plot introduction:

During the summer vacation, seven year old Ning Ning was sent back to the countryside and taken care of by his grandfather Li Fuchang in his seventies. Li Fuchang accidentally got the contact information of an old friend. The old friend had a stroke and the time was running out. He decided to take his grandson and ride a motorcycle tricycle to visit his old friends thousands of miles away.