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How to cancel the credit card of ICBC? Cancellation methods and precautions of ICBC credit card

Credit card has been a very common existence under this modern consumption mode, but credit card consumption also virtually encourages consumers' uncontrolled consumption. For consumers who have no self-control, credit card virtually increases consumers' expenses. It is common to use credit card overdraft in life and finally fail to get on the credit card. Therefore, in order to control consumption, some people will choose not to use credit cards, but to stop using credit cards, they need to cancel their credit cards, otherwise they will incur annual fees and other handling charges. So how to cancel the credit card of ICBC? This article brings you the cancellation methods and precautions of ICBC credit card. Let's have a look.

1、 Cancellation method of ICBC credit card

1. Cancellation of business outlets

The cancellation of ICBC credit card needs to be handled according to the types of cardholders, because the cancellation methods of ICBC international card and RMB credit card / quasi credit card are different.

If the cardholder holds an international card of ICBC, including visa, master, AE and other brands, please bring your ID card and card to ICBC branch (i.e. ICBC card department in XX region) for account cancellation.

If the cardholder handles the RMB credit card or quasi credit card of ICBC, you only need to carry your ID card and card to the nearby ICBC outlet for account cancellation.

2. Telephone logoff

ICBC provides telephone card cancellation service for cardholders. Cardholders can use telephone banking to cancel ICBC credit cards conveniently and quickly.

Tip: if you are a new ICBC credit card, you may charge an annual fee if you close your account now. Please call local 95588 for consultation on this matter. Dial 95588 to collect local call charges.

2、 Precautions for cancellation of ICBC credit card

1. Before cancellation, ask the official of ICBC credit card to confirm whether it meets the cancellation conditions.

When you want to cancel ICBC's credit card, you must find out whether your credit card meets the cancellation conditions. Of course, under normal circumstances, credit card arrears, balance, or other installment payment businesses do not meet the cancellation conditions. When you dial the official customer service, you can know whether your credit card supports cancellation, or whether there are other requirements or restrictions. Note that calling the official customer service of the bank will charge the city call fee.

2. About primary and secondary credit cards.

It should be noted here that some credit cards have a master card and a secondary card. The master card can only be cancelled by the master card holder, while the secondary card can be cancelled by the master card holder or the secondary card holder. Once the primary card is successfully cancelled, the secondary card is automatically cancelled. Therefore, the person who cancels the credit card must also be the cardholder himself.

3. Other circumstances.

When the telephone bank cancels the credit card, it should also consider whether the credit card is set to automatic repayment, or someone will make a payment to the credit card. Don't cancel the card blindly.