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There are new rules for the elimination of driving license points. What three things need to be done

In recent years, the state has increased the handling of traffic violations. For the deduction of points caused by non-compliance with traffic rules, it is not so easy to use other people's driver's license to eliminate points. With the implementation of a large wave of new laws and regulations, there is not only a control over the number of people, but also the need to deal with violations in person. Let's take a look at how many things need to be done to eliminate points on the driver's license?

On the one hand, it is the progress of technology. The Public Security Traffic Management Bureau has greatly upgraded the electronic police equipment under its jurisdiction. The application of face recognition technology makes it more and more convenient to obtain evidence of motor vehicle violations. In the future, it is almost impossible to muddle through violations.

First thing: seize the time to bind real names

On the other hand, vehicles must be bound under the real name system in the future. At present, there are two ways. One is to bind online through the app of the Traffic Management Bureau, and one person can only bind a motor vehicle not under his own name. For example, your daughter-in-law's name is written in the driving book of the car, but your daughter-in-law doesn't have a driver's license and you are usually driving, so your name can only be bound to this car. If you lend your car to a friend one day and there are illegal points deducted, you need to bind your friend's driver's license to your car to deal with illegal points deducted, The new regulations also stipulate that the same car can only be bound by three people at most. Therefore, don't lend the car at will in the future. In other words, you can only find two people if you want others to help you.

The second thing: offline binding

If you want offline binding, the conditions are relatively loose:

The same person can bind three vehicles, with a total of no more than 5;

The same car can only be bound by three people;

When you go to the window of the Traffic Management Bureau, you need to bring your own ID card and driver's license, as well as the owner's ID card and driving book (original).

Third: remember the violation time

Online violation cancellation can only deal with the violations after the implementation of the new regulations. For example, your real name binding on March 10, then the violations occurred on March 1 cannot be handled through the Internet or independent equipment. We should pay attention to this.

Do you think that after the implementation of the new regulations, it will be more and more convenient to handle business online. If you want to speculate, it will be very troublesome. Although it is often said that one foot high and one foot high, the best solution is to drive honestly in the future and try to avoid violations.