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What is visa credit card? What is the difference between visa credit card and ordinary credit card?

credit card is a very popular payment method and consumption method to advance future income and consume in advance. Although many people are using credit cards, most consumers do not understand credit cards thoroughly. Many people do not know what visa credit cards are. Visa credit card is a credit card jointly issued by the issuing bank and Visa International Organization. What's the use of visa credit card? How is it different from other credit cards? The editor of this article will explain the problems of visa credit card to you. Let's have a look.

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Visa is an international card issuing organization, which is operated and managed by Visa International Service Association in San Francisco, California. Visa International is a non shareholding, non-profit international bank card organization composed of members of more than 21000 financial institutions around the world. Internationally, bank American had other names before it was called visa, and bankamerican's "blue white gold" graphics were also used on these cards.

Visa International is currently the world's largest credit card and traveler's check organization.

Card Issuer

Visa International itself does not issue cards directly. Visa brand credit cards are issued by members (mainly banks) participating in Visa International. In the Asia Pacific region, visa has more than 700 member financial institutions issuing various visa payment instruments, including credit cards, debit cards, corporate cards, business cards and purchase cards. These products can make you feel safe, convenient and reliable when consuming.

Visa credit card established representative offices in Beijing [1] and Shanghai in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Visa has 17 Chinese member financial institutions including UnionPay and 5 foreign member banks in China.

Visa credit card is a kind of international credit card, and its payment intermediary is international visa Organization (like domestic UnionPay). Because the only payment provider for the Olympic Games is visa, you can only pay for tickets and shopping at Olympic venues through visa credit card.

There are two international payment organizations for international credit cards, one is visa and the other is master. Payment through UnionPay is settled in RMB, and payment through visa or master is settled in USD, so it is also called dual currency card. So when you apply for an international credit card, the application form will let you choose between visa card or master card.

What's the use of visa credit card

Visa credit card is its payment intermediary. It is an international visa organization, similar to domestic UnionPay. It is very convenient to consume and shop abroad. As long as the merchant POS machine has visa logo, it can be paid with visa credit card.

Amount of visa credit card:

Like ordinary credit cards, visa credit cards need to provide valid asset certificates, such as self owned real estate, self owned car and other supporting materials, in order to increase the amount of credit

Precautions for visa credit card:

Citibank's visa credit card and UnionPay credit card are two credit cards, but share the quota, so you need to choose different cards when consuming. Most credit cards of other banks are one card, which supports both visa and UnionPay.