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The plot of couplet 4 is leaked. Detailed interpretation of the plot of couplet 4

The plot of couplet 4 is leaked. Detailed interpretation of the plot of couplet 4 Marvel's "Avengers 4" is about to be released. As the most confidential film at present, the film has also aroused the appetite of attention. After all, even the trailer is fake. However, recently, the plot of compound 4 has been leaked. Let's see the detailed interpretation of the plot of compound 4.

Earlier, shortly after the release of Fulian 3, the plot of Fulian 4 was exposed on the Internet. When promoting the new film, starring Dave Batista revealed that all the members of the "silver guard team" who have turned gray will return.

This year's Marvel superhero film "the Avengers 3" has touched the hearts of countless Marvel fans. With a snap of 'mieba', the superhero has been abandoned, leaving only the first generation of 'reconnection'. So the next 'reconnection 4' broke the hearts of countless fans. Recently, a spoiler broke the pot, and the person who leaked the news was' Drax the destroyer 'in the galaxy guard.

The plot of couplet 4 was leaked. The opening of the plot of couplet 4 was chaotic

Drax, played by Dave Batista, was an unknown second-line star before taking part in Marvel films. After that, with the release of the galaxy guard, his status rose and his fame gradually increased. When he was asked about the news of 'reconnection 4' when promoting the new film final score a few days ago, he admitted that all the members of the 'silver guard' who had turned gray would return.

Thanks to his spoilers, fans are very excited about it. After all, if the Avengers 4 lacks a 'mouth gun' Galaxy escort, it will lose a lot of fun and laughter. However, for Marvel executives, this news is obviously highly confidential, and Batista shook it out so easily. What's more irritating is that this time it was not said by Holland and rufaro, who are famous for the 'spoilers'.

In fact, Batista said the news with anger to a large extent. You should know that James goon, the director of the galaxy guard, was fired by Disney on suspicion of the black history of paedophilia. Since then, Batista has always supported the "roll guide" and even sent documents several times in the hope that Disney can re hire goon to take over the "silver guard 3".

The plot of couplet 4 was leaked. The opening of the plot of couplet 4 was chaotic

Unfortunately, Disney still maintained the original 'judgment', which was very dissatisfied with batistan. He once publicly said that he was not sure whether he still wanted to work for Disney's wrong decision. However, Xiaobian was worried about his spoilers. He didn't know that marvel and Disney fired Batista, just like Terrence Howard, who played Colonel rod in Iron Man 1.

But from another point of view, maybe this spoiler is intentional. After all, Marvel's' notice fraud 'is famous, and the degree of confidentiality is an industry model. Such a major secret can not be said so easily. Now there are countless spoilers on Fulian 4. Whether it is true or false can only be known when the film is released. How credible do you think Batista's spoilers are?

The opening of the complex 4 plot was chaotic

The plot of couplet 4 was leaked. The opening of the plot of couplet 4 was chaotic

1. The subtitle of "Fu Lian 4" will appear at the end of "ant Man 2".

(the queen bee and ant man will return in _)

2. The color egg in ant Man 2 is: the eagle eye family turns gray.

This is another Avenger's guest film ant man after ant man 1.

3. Fulian 3 focuses on the relationship between mieba and KAMORA,

Fulian 4 focuses on the relationship between mieba and Nebula.

4. Fulian 4 will cross the time line to collect infinite gemstones in the quantum field mentioned in ant Man 2.

5. In the timeline of crossing to the past, for each gem collected,

One of mieba's existing gemstones will disappear.

6. Only the first generation of Avengers (* * this is the original post * *)

7. The nebula will bring the injured iron man back to earth.

8. The story happened three months after mieba snapped his fingers in Fulian 3.

The opening of the film will show the chaos after mieba's fingers snap.

9. The avenger plan is to use PIM particle technology to return to the timeline of the past,

Collect gemstones, make their own infinite gloves, and twist mieba's snap fingers.

10. When mieba learned about the Avenger's plan, he tracked them to the past timeline with infinite gloves.

11. Mieba society uses multiple gemstones at the same time.

12. The hero who melted ash in Fulian 3 is not dead,

It is determined that the gem is transmitted to another reality.

13. The final battle of the reconnection 4 will be in wakanda.

The reason why I returned to the final battle place of Fulian 3,

It's because bad ending in "Fu Lian 3" took place in wakanda,

Therefore, the good ending won by the avenger of "couplet 4" will also be in wakanda.

14. Time jump will jump in front of the finger of mieba in multiple link 3,

So the greying hero will also appear in couplet 4.

15. Those heroes who turn gray will not remember that they have died,

The rest of the world will not remember, only the first generation of Avengers remember.

16. In the vakanda war of the new timeline, all superheroes will fight side by side,

Including iron man, nebula and Hulk.

17. In this vakanda war, mieba will have no infinite gems,

But he will fight the Avengers with his powerful brute force against the Hulk.

18. In Fulian 4, mieba will also regret the loss of KAMORA, even if his goal has been achieved.

19. Iron man also holds unlimited gloves.

20. Iron man and the United States are the focus of this film. They will meet, the scene is very moving, and they will fight against mieba together.

21. There will be a lot of moving passages in "Fu Lian 4".

For example, when iron man and the US team returned to Fulian 1 to steal the universe cube, mieba almost caught iron man.

As a result, the US team was willing to kill the bully with death in order to win more escape time for the iron man.

But iron man said he should stick to the original plan and be willing to fight against mieba together.

The US team's response (saving iron man) is always his plan.

22. When mieba meets the nebula in wakanda, he will pretend to apologize and beg for forgiveness because he realizes his loneliness and misses KAMORA.

But actually mieba is lying. He just wants to cheat nebula's infinite gem (the scene of the original diffuse appearance)

23. Xingyun believes in mieba and is ready to give him infinite gloves and forgive him.

But the heart gem warned her that it was not true to destroy hegemony.

In couplet 2, the setting of spiritual gem is perceptive,

That's why it can warn nebulae.

24. After realizing the lie of mieba, Xingyun fought him one-on-one,

Nebula hurt mieba, but not enough to kill him.

25. The new attribute of soul gem has been revealed.

In the past, it was necessary to sacrifice the beloved to open the soul gem, but on the contrary, the sacrifice of the beloved can also open the soul gem.

It happens that the person whom the stars hate most is mieba.

26. Nebula finally trapped mieba in the soul gem.

27. After mieba was trapped in the soul gem, the avenger basically won.

With the help of the red Witch and Captain Marvel, three infinite gems including soul gems were destroyed.

This ensures that no one restarts the six gems.

28. Fulian 4 changed the timeline of Fulian 3, by which Marvel joined the skurus and secret war. In the new timeline, the skurus already exist on earth.