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The list of the hottest and most popular fantasy novels ranked top in the holy ruins of zetianji

In recent years, network novels emerge one after another. Many excellent network novel writers also stand out through excellent works and have attracted the attention of readers. Many popular online novels have also been made into film and television works, the most of which are fantasy novels. So what are the most popular fantasy novels? This article has brought you a list of the most popular fantasy novels. Among them, the works of Zetian Ji and Shengxu are famous, and many people must have seen them.

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1. Select the day

Isn't it unexpected? In fact, it is mainly because of the recent TV broadcast of the story of choosing the day. Our national Xiaocao Luhan joined in with family affection and performed naturally. The story of choosing the day was officially serialized in Tencent literature on May 28, 2014. It is the first work of the famous online writer Maoni after joining Tencent literature. It tells the story of a 14-year-old orphan, Chen Changsheng, who entered the imperial capital with a marriage contract and grew up with the strong in all aspects in order to change his fate and seek a chance of life. In November 2016, the story of choosing the day was honored in the 2016 China pan entertainment index grand ceremony 'China IP value list - network literature list 10'.

2. Great master

On July 1, 2013, tiansilkworm Tudou's fourth novel, the starting point, is related to breaking the sky and moving the universe, telling the story of herding dust. In November 2016, big master was honored as the top 10 of China IP value list - online literature list at the 2016 China pan entertainment index event. I think everyone can see the miracle of webwriting created by breaking through the sky. However, when we come to the master, potato drag is becoming more and more serious. Let's run out of talent as much as possible.

3. Inverse scale

Author Liu Xiahua. It is also the only novel in the top ten that is not released from the starting point. Congratulations! Born with waste wood, it is possessed by the Dragon God. Inheriting the dragon's ideas and abilities, it has scales, magic claws, water dragon breath, clouds and rain, and its flesh is invincible. In this era when everyone wants to kill dragons, Li shepherd has been living under pressure.

4. Holy ruins

The sixth novel, written by Chen Dong, the platinum author of starting point Chinese network and one of the five supreme masters of online literature, was first published on starting point Chinese network and creation Chinese network under reading group. Rise in ruin and recover in silence. The sea turned into dust, the thunder and lightning dried up, and the wisp of fog approached the earth again. The shackles of the world were opened, and a new world opened a mysterious corner & hellip& hellip;

5. A thought of eternity

It is one of the five supreme writers of the 'King of online literature', Ergen's fifth novel after xianni, Tianni, seeking the devil and I want to seal the sky. In April 2016, as soon as the new book "Yinian eternal" was released on the starting point Chinese website, it won hundreds of thousands of fans' rewards' in just one hour. The new book is only a few figures, which attracts Tiankai film industry to invest tens of millions of dollars to win the film and television copyright. On the Forbes list of Chinese original literature in 2016, "Yinian eternity" ranked among the top three of the year in only half a year. This is Ergen's star again with his new work "a thought of eternity". At present, the film and television drama of Yinian eternity is under production.

6. Gate of the mysterious world

The gate of the metaphysical world is the third network fantasy and truth repair novel created by the famous network writer forget Yu after the biography of mortals and the story of magic heaven, and has won many awards. At present, it is serialized on the starting point Chinese website. It is about a teenager who came out of Dongzhou mainland. A pink skeleton that depends on life and death. A story of aspiring to be the strongest. It is a legend that dominates the Star River and makes trouble in the three realms.

7. Urban immortality of rebirth

The author is the ten mile sword God. During the period of disaster, the great friar Chen Fan fell in the disaster, but he dreamed of returning to the young age of the earth in 500 years. In the last world, I climbed to the top of the universe and looked down on the world, but there was no one to accompany me. In this life, I only wish to live up to the past. During the period of five hundred years of practice, the immortal was reborn and returned to the city to make up for his regret. He dressed up as a pig and ate a tiger.

8. Sansheng III Shili peach blossom

The ancient novel "three lives and three lives and ten miles of peach flowers" written by Tang Qigong is the first novel created by Tang Qi (formerly pseudonym: Tang qigong), and the first in the "three lives and three lives" series. It mainly tells the story of the past life and present life in ancient myths, the love and hate of Qingqiu emperor Ji Bai Qian and jiuchongtian crown prince Yehua, and the entanglement of the third life. In November 2016, "three lives, three generations and ten miles of peach blossom" was listed in the "China IP value list - network literature list 10" at the 2016 China pan entertainment index grand ceremony.

9. Let go of the witch

It is a novel written by the author Ermu, starting from the starting point Chinese network. Cheng Yan thought that he had crossed the middle ages of Europe and became a glorious prince. But the world seems different from what you think? Witches really exist, and they really have magic? The witch farming text carries out farming to the end.