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What are the international famous brands?

Women's love for bags is incomprehensible. Many people especially love bags. As long as there is a popular style of bags, they will rush to buy them, and then think about what kind of clothes to match. There are many luxury brand bags in the world. Many people with economic conditions will choose these luxury bags. Next, let's take a look at which brand bags are there?

1. LV (Louis Vuitton)

LV, founded in 1854, is currently one of the best luxury brands in the bag. It is a symbol of high society. Louis & middot; For 150 years, Vuitton brand has always regarded the 'travel philosophy' of advocating refinement, quality and comfort as the starting point of design. Another secret of Lv's success is to strive to create a sense of 'family' for distinguished customers. LV luggage brand products can be passed from grandmother to mother, and then from mother to daughter, which can be passed on from generation to generation. Whenever you repair and maintain LV products, LV famous bag stores are duty bound to do their best to help. It is of great significance for the continuation of a brand's vitality to enable a three generation company to continuously own a brand's products.

2. Chanel

Chanel is a famous brand with more than 80 years of experience. Chanel fashion always has an elegant, concise and exquisite style and is good at breaking through the tradition. Chanel provides emancipatory freedom and choice, transforming fashion design from a trend dominated by men's point of view to an independent stage for expressing women's beauty. Abandon tight waistband and whale bone skirt hoop, and advocate shoulder back leather bag and fabric suit; Coco Chanel dominated the style, posture and lifestyle of women in the first half of the 20th century, a simple and comfortable new philosophy of luxury. As she said before her death, 'the opposite of luxury is not poverty, but vulgarity'. Now, looking at the popular industry with a large number of new people and complex brands, Chanel is still an immortal volcano in the fashion industry.

3. Hermes

It is the consistent purpose of Hermes to make all products perfect and impeccable. All products of Hermes brand use the best high-grade materials, pay attention to process decoration and exquisite details, and have won a good reputation for its excellent quality.

After more than 160 years of ups and downs, the Hermes family has made its brand famous through the joint efforts of several generations. As early as the 20th century, Hermes has become a typical representative of French luxury consumer goods. In the 1920s, the founder Thierry middot; Emil, the grandson of Hermes, once commented on the Hermes brand: "leather products create the tradition of extreme sports and elegance."

4. Coach (coach)

At the beginning of its establishment, coach was jointly operated by six cobblers from leather families. It is one of the oldest and most successful leather products companies in the United States. Today, the leather factory of coach is still in the charge of skilled leather masters. For every cobbler of coach, coach is not only the name of a brand, but also the crystallization and inheritance of their efforts.

Brand features leather design of coach is very simple, usually only changes in appearance, and there is no superfluous decoration on leather. Coach is also very in line with the American spirit, with the characteristics of more beautiful, convenient and good matching. Coach has more than 100 kinds of products, including handbags, briefcases, belts, wallets, travel products, etc.

5. Gucci (Gucci)

Gucci brand fashion has always been famous for its high-grade, luxury and sexy. With the brand image of "symbol of identity and wealth", gucci has become the consumer darling of rich upper class society. It has always been favored by business people. It is not only fashionable, but also elegant. Gucci is now the largest fashion group in Italy. It can be said that only Gucci group is an international luxury group that can compete with LVMH group in the fashion industry.


6. Dior

Since its inception in 1947, it has been synonymous with luxury and elegance. Whether fashion, cosmetics or other products, Dior has always been at the top of the fashion palace. Dior inherits the tradition of French high-end women's clothing, with fine workmanship, caters to the aesthetic taste of mature women in upper class society, and symbolizes the highest spirit of French fashion culture.

7. Prada (Prada)

As the most famous luxury brand in Italy, Prada's show is the most anticipated at Milan International Fashion Week in the second quarter of each year. Prada is popular all over the world, and Japan, Taiwan and other places are crazy. People all over the street are carrying Prada nylon bags. Prada attaches great importance to product quality. All Prada fashion accessories are made in the highest standard factories in Italy, which is why it is very comfortable to wear Prada products. Despite the emphasis on the younger brand style, the quality and durability level remain the same, with special emphasis on complete after-sales service, which is also the tradition of Prada, which started with high-grade leather products.

8. Burberry (Burberry)

Burberry (Burberry) is a British national treasure brand, founded by Thomas Burberry, a 21-year-old British young man at that time. Over the past 100 years, burberry has become a brand that can best represent the British temperament. Burberry is deeply loved by Asians, and the Japanese flock to it.

9. Balenciaga Balenciaga

Balenciaga is not only a high-end fashion brand, but also the founder of the brand - the famous Hispanic designer Christobal & middot; The surname of Crist & oacute; BAL Balenciaga. Today, Balenciaga belongs to the famous luxury group Gucci group, headquartered in Paris. Balenciaga includes high-grade women's wear and high-grade men's wear, and the most well-known among newspaper friends is the famous Balenciaga motorcycle bag. Balenciaga motorcycle bag was first recommended by vogue and other magazines. It was soon photographed on the Star Street by the famous it girl Nicole & middot; Rich, Lindsay & middot; Rohan, Paris & middot; Hilton, Sarah & middot; Jessica & middot; Parker and others are in their arms, so Balenciaga motorcycle bag has also become the most famous it bag with the highest visibility and imitation.

10. Chloe (Chloe)

The Chloe brand was founded in 1952. When it was born, it only had women's clothing. Later, it gradually added glasses, perfume and bags, handbags and boots. Chloe is one of the few fashion brands that does not rely on its own fame and only calls on excellent designers. Chloe has not established an exclusive logo style because she has experienced the baptism of fashion designers of different styles. Think deeper, which can make the brand style flexible and changeable, not as rigid and conservative as other old brands.