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How should schoolgirl anaemia do? When is it better to replenish blood

Anemia in girls is very bad, which affects their health and daily life. Let's see how to improve it.

Harm of female anemia

1. Pale or yellow complexion, light color of lips, eye conjunctiva and nail bed, dry hair, depressed spirit and easy to get tired.

2. Hepatosplenomegaly, accelerated heart rhythm, enlarged heart, and heart failure may occur in severe cases.

3. Digestive dysfunction, loss of appetite, poor absorption, often diarrhea.

4. If you don't pay attention, you will have asthma and fatigue after a little activity.

5. Edema of head, face and lower limbs can occur in the later stage of anemia.

When is it good to replenish blood

1. Follicular stage - Chinese wolfberry blood tonifying (day 1 ~ 9 of physiological period)

At this time, the follicles begin to grow in the ovaries, and the ovaries secrete hormones to help the endometrium grow. To promote the development and maturation of follicles, we should mainly supplement blood and Yin, and pay attention to tonifying the kidney at the same time.

Practice: add a small piece of Tremella to 10-15 medlar, change the low heat and cook slowly for 20 or 30 minutes.

2. Ovulation period -- Salvia miltiorrhiza blood tonifying (the 10th ~ 12th day of physiological period)

To promote ovulation, drugs for dredging collaterals, promoting qi and promoting blood circulation should be added on the basis of nourishing essence and blood. In addition to tonifying blood, Salvia miltiorrhiza can also activate blood circulation and regulate menstruation, clear the heart, remove annoyance, relieve pain and calm the mind.

Practice: wash and slice 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, then cut some ginger slices and scallions, cook together for 20 minutes, and then cut the soaked jellyfish skin into sections and put it into the pot for seasoning.

3. Luteal phase - Rehmannia glutinosa Rehmannia (the 13th to 21st days of physiological period)

This is the late stage of ovulation. At this time, yin and Yang should be supplemented together, and kidney yang should be supplemented. Cooked land is sweet in taste, warm in nature and moist in quality. It can enter the liver and kidney meridians. It has the effect of nourishing blood, yin and lean marrow.

Practice: you can cook porridge with cooked land and rice.

4. Menstrual period -- cinnamon tonifying blood (the 22nd ~ 28th day of physiological period)

At this time, take advantage of the situation and use the method of promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation in order to smooth the menstruation. Cinnamon is a warm tonic medicine, which can warm the middle and tonify Yang, disperse cold and relieve pain, activate blood circulation and promote blood circulation.

Practice: a nutritious and delicious cinnamon beef can prevent dysmenorrhea!

Causes of anemia in women

1. Malnutrition is the main cause

Generally speaking, malnutrition anemia mainly refers to an anemia symptom caused by severe iron deficiency in women, which is mainly caused by women's excessive diet and weight loss. The most common thing in daily life is women who lose weight. They don't eat meat, eggs or even milk, and rarely eat oil. They only eat vegetables and radishes for a long time, resulting in anemia.

2. Incidence rate of iron deficiency anemia is high.

Iron is an important trace element of hematopoiesis. The deficiency of iron in the body will affect the synthesis of hemoglobin, resulting in a small cell low pigmented anemia, and the incidence rate of iron deficiency anemia is high, which is very common in China and around the world.

3. Blood loss is the most common cause of anemia

Hemorrhagic anemia is mainly divided into acute and chronic. Acute blood loss refers to the anemia caused by blood vessel rupture in the process of trauma or disease, which is called acute hemorrhagic anemia.

4. Attention should be paid to aplastic anemia

Common aplastic anemia in medicine includes tuberculosis, liver and kidney diseases, leukemia, etc., all due to anemia caused by bone marrow dysfunction or even failure. The anemia patients will also suffer from subcutaneous, mucosal bleeding, chills and have a fever.

5. Hemolytic anemia should not be ignored

Hemolytic anemia is relatively rare, which mainly occurs when the destruction of red blood cells is accelerated and the compensation of bone marrow hematopoietic function is insufficient; Generally, it will be damaged by chemical, mechanical, physical, biological and immunological factors.

Anemia has a great impact on the health of the body. Female anemia is easy to lead to pale complexion, dry hair, and even loss of appetite. A little activity will lead to asthma. In life, the best time for women to replenish blood is a period of time after the physiological period. The main cause of anemia in women is malnutrition caused by excessive diet control.