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How much is the driver's license registration? What are the costs?

Now many people will go to get a driver's license. Taking a driver's license is actually a troublesome and expensive thing. Many people don't know how much it costs to get a driver's license and what other expenses they don't know. Before we sign up, we know the cost of driving test clearly, so as not to be cheated in the future.

Composition of driving expenses

Fee for temporary residence permit: 60 yuan (excluding)

The registered residence students in Hangzhou should first hold the temporary residence permit in Hangzhou. The temporary residence permit can carry the corresponding documents to the police station for free. It can also be handled by the driving school, which costs about 60 yuan.

Physical examination fee: 30 yuan (excluding)

The cost of driver examination and physical examination is mainly the cost of vision examination, and the general price is about 30 yuan. Each place is different. Students can go to the hospital for physical examination by themselves. Hangzhou needs to go to No. 33 Hefang Street for physical examination.

Photo cost: about 20 yuan (excluding)

The driver qualification test requires candidates to provide one inch bareheaded photos on a white background. Some places must go to the driving school to take photos. In Hangzhou, you can go to the local photo studio to take photos and pay. The price varies from place to place, usually about 20 yuan.

Government expenses: 1000 yuan (inclusive)

The vehicle management office will charge the trainees participating in the examination subject I theoretical training fee, material fee, examination fee of each subject and simulator fee, a total of 1000 yuan. The fee is generally charged by the driving school and is generally included in the tuition fee paid at the time of registration.

Insurance premium: 50 yuan (inclusive)

The insurance fee is generally 50 yuan, which is generally charged by the driving school, and is generally included in the tuition fee paid at the time of registration. Students can consult the driving school in detail before signing up.

Examination room training fee: 255 / 3 hours (excluding)

Before the examination of subject 2 and subject 3, students can go to the examination room to get familiar with the venue and conduct on-the-spot training. It is reported that the training fee of Hangzhou examination room is about 255 yuan / 3 hours. The examination room training fee is generally not included in the tuition fee and needs to be charged separately, but the students can freely decide whether to participate according to their own situation.

Unqualified retraining fee: 120 yuan / hour (excluding)

If they fail the test, they need to go back to the driving school for training. Some driving schools are exempted from this fee, and some driving schools will charge 120 yuan / hour for unqualified retraining.

Cost of driver's license: 20 yuan (excluding)

The production cost collected by the vehicle management office for handling the driver's license shall be delivered when receiving the driver's license.

Make up fee: excluding

Candidates who fail to pass the examination at one time shall pay corresponding fees to take the make-up examination. Some driving school tuition fees include make-up examination fees, but most driving school tuition fees do not include this fee.