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Which of Samsung S10 and Huawei P30 is more cost-effective? A comprehensive comparison between Samsu

Samsung S10 and Huawei P30 are new models just released this year. Many people are very tangled in choosing Samsung S10 or Huawei P30. Which one has the highest configuration, function and cost performance? This article brings you a comparison between Samsung S10 and Huawei P30 in terms of parameter configuration, performance highlights and camera functions. Let's see which one can attract you more.

First: the appearance of the mobile phone

Samsung S10 this time chose a technology of digging holes in the upper right corner of the screen, coupled with the design of curved screen. From the front of the mobile phone, it is very high-end and has a sense of science and technology, and the visual performance is excellent. The Huawei P30 mobile phone uses a water drop screen design method. In fact, the water drop screen is not much different from the hole digging screen. Under the two methods of design, the beauty is almost the same, but we can't ignore the curved screen. The curved screen of Samsung mobile phone is the top level in the industry, and the material of the screen is excellent, Moreover, visually, the curved screen is obviously more fashionable and high-grade, so the Samsung S10 has more advantages from the screen alone.

Second: the processor of the mobile phone

The Xiaolong 855 processor used by Samsung S10 in the national bank version and the Kirin 980 processor used by Huawei P30. In fact, as early as last year, many users have been comparing which of the Kirin 980 processor and the Xiaolong 845 processor is better. Finally, the conclusion is that the performance of the two is similar. As a new processor released this year, Xiaolong 855 has much better performance than Xiaolong 845. Therefore, under such a conclusion, the processor of Kirin 980 is certainly not as good as that of Xiaolong 855. Therefore, Sanxing S10 has more advantages than Huawei P30.

Third: mobile phone photography

We all know that Samsung's mobile phone has always been a relatively high level in taking photos. It was only surpassed by Huawei's mobile phone last year, and then Huawei's photography has become a major selling point of mobile phones. The same is true for Huawei P30. Huawei P30 selects a front 32 million pixels, a rear 40 million pixels + 16 million pixels + 8 million pixels, Samsung S10 selects a front 10 million pixels, and a rear 12 million pixels + 12 million pixels + 16 million pixels. In terms of configuration parameters, the camera performance of Huawei's mobile phone is indeed better than that of Samsung S10, but Samsung S10 is not poor.

From the above main points, we can see that in terms of comprehensive strength, Samsung S10 has more advantages, because it is better than Huawei P30 in appearance and hardware configuration. That's why so many users prefer to choose Samsung S10. In fact, there is another reason. Samsung S10, a mobile phone, was released earlier than Huawei's P30, taking a lead in the market. Many users who want to replace it have already purchased Samsung S10, so the number of users has decreased after Huawei's P30 came out. However, everyone has different preferences. Many users may think Huawei P30 is better. It depends on their preferences. I don't know which of these two mobile phones do you prefer?