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What are the most worthwhile mobile phones in April? Three 3000 yuan flagship mobile phones are reco

In recent years, the strength of domestic mobile phones is growing. The quality, configuration, function and cost performance of many domestic mobile phone brands have been greatly improved. Therefore, more and more consumers are willing to and trust domestic mobile phone brands. Since the beginning of 2019, major mobile phone brand manufacturers have released a number of new mobile phones, and there are many domestic mobile phones released in April, most of which are priced at about 3000 yuan. What are the most worthwhile mobile phones in April? According to different needs, this article brings you the introduction of the three flagship mobile phones that are most worth starting in April 2019. Let's see if there are any you like.

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Usability and outstanding appearance design -- oppo Reno Standard Edition

On April 10, oppo released oppo Reno series mobile phones in Shanghai. As a new series launched by oppo, oppo Reno inherits the previous R series and find series. Reno's appearance design inherits the innovation of find series. Configuration, price and configuration are not its strengths. In this regard, it inherits R series.

Reno focuses on appearance design and innovation. Reno innovatively adopts the front camera with side rotating lifting structure. This lifting structure integrates the front camera, rear flash lamp, soft light and microphone. Thanks to this lifting module, the integrity of Reno's front screen is guaranteed. Reno's screen is a 6.5-inch comprehensive screen, which supports fingerprint identification under the screen, No bangs, no holes; In addition, because the border is also controlled very narrow, Reno screen accounts for 93.1%, second only to find X.

Reno standard version has a 16 megapixel camera in the front and a 48 million + 5 million pixel dual camera in the rear, and there is no protrusion. The 48 million pixel sensor is the same as that on Xiaomi 9. It is the same as Sony imx586. Support vooc3.0 flash charging and NFC. Reno's standard version is priced from 2999 yuan and only equipped with Xiaolong 710 platform, which has a certain gap in performance with Xiaomi 9 and iqoo. However, given that Reno's target group pays more attention to design and appearance and is relatively insensitive to performance configuration, and Xiaolong 710 is also competent for daily use and games, it is understandable to carry Xiaolong 710.

In addition, it should be noted that compared with the Reno Standard Version, the Reno 10x zoom version improves the shooting performance greatly, and the price is 1000 yuan higher. Reno Standard Edition can be regarded as the inheritance of R series. It is suitable for users who have high requirements for appearance design and are not sensitive to configuration.

Cost effective and balanced 'bucket' machine -- Xiaomi 9

Huawei's mobile phone has outstanding camera effect, black shark's mobile game strength and Meizu's mobile phone design. Even if Xiaomi raised the price of this year's flagship mobile phone (Xiaomi 9) to 3000 yuan, the cost performance is still outstanding. Xiaomi 9 is a 'bucket' machine with balanced strength, but this also means that it has no particularly prominent aspects. Xiaomi 9 adopts the design of double-sided glass and metal middle frame. In front is a 6.39 inch water drop screen, and the back of the fuselage adopts a gradient design, which makes Xiaomi 9 a 'passer-by armor' in the vast sea of aircraft. As Xiaomi's annual flagship mobile phone, Xiaomi 9 is the most reassuring in terms of performance. The Xiaolong 855 platform enables its performance to be in the first echelon of Android mobile phones this year.

Xiaomi 9 sells for 2999 yuan. Its appearance design is not prominent but it is the safest. Its photography is not as good as Huawei P series, but it is excellent at this price. In addition, it has the most perfect function at the price of 3000 yuan. It gives you all the configurations that can be bought for 2999 yuan: NFC, rear three camera based on 48 million pixel Sony imx586 sensor, 27W fast charge of qc4.0, 20W wireless fast charge Under screen fingerprint identification, dual band dual antenna GPS, etc., Xiaomi 9 complemented the short board of its predecessors and became the 'bucket' machine in Lei Jun's mouth. Like its predecessors, it is still one of the most cost-effective mobile phones, but the bucket is its advantage and disadvantage. Xiaomi's mobile phone is 9 years old. When will Lei Jun grow a board of the bucket?

Finally, I want to say one more thing. Recently, the iPhone and Xiaomi mobile phone are used together. I wanted to boast about the MIUI system, but I still forget about so many advertisements.

Powerful game, but not 'game console' -- iqoo

Iqoo is a new series created by vivo this year, focusing on cost performance and game experience. After vivo released iqoo, we can't say that vivo will only find star endorsement, high price and low distribution. Vivo achieved 2999 yuan for iqoo, which is a positive PK with Xiaomi 9. The front of iqoo is a 6.41 inch water drop screen, which supports fingerprint identification under the screen. The back is designed with 3D colorful glass and lights, and supports 44w fast charging and NFC.

In terms of performance, iqoo, like Xiaomi 9, is at the top, equipped with Xiaolong 855 platform. Iqoo is more prominent than Xiaomi 9 in terms of game experience. On the side of iqoo design, two pressure sensitive buttons are specially designed for the game. There is a special game mode, equipped with super liquid cooling and heat dissipation, 4D game shock 2.0, game surround sound, etc.

The advantage of iqoo is that its design looks more like a normal mobile phone than a game console compared with professional game phones such as black shark, but its game experience can be compared with game phones. Iqoo is a good choice for those who love mobile games and want to buy a normal mobile phone. The disadvantage of iqoo is that it does not support wireless charging. The 6GB memory version only supports 22.5w fast charging, and iqoo has castration in the communication frequency band. Of course, it has no impact on domestic use, and it is not very friendly to overseas users.

At the price of 3000 yuan, both iPhone and Huawei flagship phones can not be bought. Oppo Reno Standard Edition, Xiaomi 9 and iqoo are three flagship phones suitable for starting in April, all of which are 3000 yuan, and different users have different choices. Oppo Reno Standard Edition is currently available for booking. Xiaomi 9 and iqoo are also available in stock after capacity climbing. It is appropriate to start with these three mobile phones in April&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;