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Alipay's new regulations are officially implemented, and there will be new adjustments in the balanc

The rapid development of mobile payment industry has brought great convenience to our life. You can use Alipay to pay for shopping or travel tickets. Below Alipay, there is a balance treasure, which can put idle funds in it, not only earn interest, but also direct credit card, flower and other automatic repayment. It will be a good choice for people who always don't remember the repayment date!

However, we have also found that since February 1st this year, the balance limit has opened the restriction mode, and it can be panic buying 9 times a day. It can also be said that many users are very helpless. But yesterday, Alipay issued the new regulations and began to implement it today. Yu Ebao once again welcomed the big adjustment.

It can be said that yu'e Bao has also experienced many adjustments since its inception. In May last year, the limit of yu'e Bao's personal account was reduced from 1 million to 250000, and adjusted to 100000 in the second half of the year. In the later stage, it was limited that individual users could only apply for 20000 per day. Since February 1 this year, the purchase restriction mode has been opened, Although Alipay explains that it is aimed at preventing the rapid development of the fund scale and keeping the smooth operation of the fund, the restriction still brings much inconvenience to many people's lives. From now on, the balance treasure will be upgraded formally, the purchase will be lifted or the ban will be lifted, and the balance of Bao Xin will be added to the A'. Two new fund products, 'China Europe rolling money treasure currency a', that is, Tianhong yu'e Bao and two new fund products will appear in the yu'e Bao column!

As a result of this change, ant financial services said that the active purchase restriction measures adopted by yu'e Bao Tianhong fund in the front-end time have better controlled the fund scale of yu'e Bao. At present, the new model of multiple cooperation can further avoid the rapid growth pressure of a single fund model and reduce the risk of a single monetary fund, Bring users a better upgrade experience!

After the upgrade, there will be no time limit and purchase restrictions for users to purchase the newly accessed funds. However, for many users, this upgrade is gradually open to users. If some users can't see the experience portal, they can pay more attention to the page prompts of yu'e Bao. However, if they don't upgrade, it will not affect the normal use of yu'e Bao, However, there will still be time and purchase restrictions every day. However, with the gradual upgrading of yu'e Bao, it may greatly change the current situation of regular and purchase restrictions, so users who have not received the upgrade at present should wait slowly!