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Shen Teng is younger than Yan Chengxu. How many years is Shen Teng younger than Yan Chengxu today's "ace to ace" hit, recently invited Yan Chengxu, the idol who was popular in Asia. What many people don't know is that Shen Teng at the uncle level is smaller than Yan Chengxu. Let's see the details below.

In the latest program, the program group invited Yan Chengxu, Shen Yue, Guan Hong and other stars as guests. In this issue, they restored the classic meteor garden, which reminded many viewers of their previous youth.

Shen Teng is two years and nine months younger than Yan Chengxu

As we all know, Shen Teng is a smiling man. He is a film and television director and actor in mainland China and a contracted artist of happy Mahua stage drama. He is well known for his role of 'Hao Jian' in the Spring Festival Gala sketch. He opened his popularity with the film Charlotte troubles, removed the inherent impression of the audience on him and tore off the label of 'Hao Jian'. After that, he had many film works, such as Yinian paradise, the richest man in Xihong city and crazy aliens, which were highly praised by netizens. He made breakthroughs and challenged himself on the happy comedian program, and had a full sense of variety on the ace to ace program. Although Shen Teng has many wrinkles on his face now, he was a military school grass when he was young.

Yan Chengxu is certainly no stranger. Daoming temple, the classic version of meteor garden, is a member of actor, singer, model and idol group F4. Naturally, it goes without saying that Yan Chengxu gained a lot of young fans as soon as the meteor garden was broadcast, which also set off an F4 upsurge for a long time. Many netizens believe that the success of the variety show ace to ace lies in its nostalgic elements. Of course, the nostalgic theme of this issue is meteor garden. There are not only Yan Chengxu in the 2001 edition of meteor garden, but also Shen Yue in the new edition of meteor garden. What sparks will the combination of the old and new editions spark.

After watching this program, netizens suddenly found that Shen Teng and Yan Chengxu are only two years younger than Yan Chengxu, and Shen Teng is two years younger than Yan Chengxu! Now the netizens are not calm. It totally feels that uncle Shen is older than Yan Chengxu. Ha ha, netizens leave comments: ha ha, Shen Teng is two years younger than Yan Chengxu. Are you the last one to know? Many netizens said: seeing this hot search reminds me of Guo Degang and Lin Zhiying, Wang Dongcheng and song Xiaobao were born in the same year, and Shen Teng and Jay Chou were born in the same year & hellip& hellip; There is no harm without comparison.