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Mercedes Benz owners received threatening information and the latest progress of Mercedes Benz oil s

Original title: Mercedes Benz rights protection female owner: the mobile phone number was leaked and received threatening information from strangers

Mercedes Benz owners received threatening information and the latest progress of Mercedes Benz oil spill rights protection incident Recently, the protection of the rights of female owners of Mercedes Benz oil spill has aroused the attention of network public opinion. The female owners have a master's degree. The car they just bought leaked oil without driving a kilometer. Recently, the female owners have received threats. Let's take a look at the whole process and the latest news of Mercedes Benz oil spill protection.

Xi'an Benz female owner Wang Qian (a pseudonym) has made progress in safeguarding her rights.

On April 14, Wang Qian, a female car owner, negotiated with the relevant person in charge of "lizhixing" to expose the recording. The recording shows that although the relevant person in charge of the 'lizhixing' 4S store apologized, Wang Qian did not accept it and said that it would be handled after the vehicle inspection and investigation results were obtained. In addition, the local market supervision department has set up an investigation team to intervene in the investigation. The official microblog of Xi'an Internet Information Office said that the market supervision department has instructed the 'lizhixing' 4S store to implement the return and refund as soon as possible.

In response, Mercedes Benz responded that it had sent a special working group to Xi'an to communicate directly with customers. On April 14, Mercedes Benz announced that it had not collected any financial service fees from dealers and customers.

Coordinate the recording exposure, and the two sides have not reached a settlement

On the afternoon of April 13, Mercedes Benz female owner Wang Qian (a pseudonym) met with the relevant person in charge of Xi'an lizhixing for consultation. The two sides did not reconcile on the spot and had disputes over several issues. The Beijing News reporter obtained the consultation recording from the family members of the female car owners. The recording shows that Wang Qian did not agree to the replacement or refund proposal put forward by the general manager of Xi'an lizhixing on the spot, and expressed her willingness to wait for the investigation results after vehicle inspection before handling it.

Wang Qian said that Xi'an lizhixing avoided the important and ignored the important, arbitrarily charged fees, refused to admit it, and she could not accept an apology. The investigation team said that all the questions reflected by Wang Qian will be answered after the investigation.

Wang Qian raised several questions during the negotiation. First, the 4S store has always replied that "vehicles can only replace engines" in accordance with the national Three Guarantees, but why not provide her with a spare car after vehicle maintenance for more than 5 days in accordance with the national three guarantees? The store is suspected of using the national three guarantees to evade responsibility.

Second, on the day of buying the car, the salesperson tried his best to persuade her to use the loan to buy the car. After paying the down payment and insurance premium, he was asked to transfer 15200 yuan to the individual. Afterwards, he learned that it was Mercedes Benz's financial service fee. Was there any fraud in the process, what was the basis for collecting the service fee and the pricing standard?

Third, after the video of the incident was released, why did the 4S store publicly inform the media on April 11 that it had reached a settlement with the car buyer on the premise that the matter had not been settled through negotiation.

Wang Qian said that in response to these questions, the 4S store and Mercedes Benz did not reply on the spot.

Mercedes Benz: require dealers to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

On April 14, Mercedes Benz responded to CCTV finance that (Mercedes Benz) has always respected and carried out business operations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and does not charge any financial service fees from dealers and customers. He also said that Mercedes Benz has publicly and repeatedly asked dealers to abide by the law in good faith in the process of independent operation and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Earlier, Mercedes Benz had released a message on its official microblog that it was deeply sorry for the customer's experience. A special working group has been sent to Xi'an and will make an appointment with the customer as soon as possible to communicate directly and strive to reach a satisfactory solution on a reasonable basis.

■ dialogue

Female car owner: 'protect your rights according to law after waiting for the test results'

On April 14, Mercedes Benz female owner Wang Qian (pseudonym) told the Beijing news that she had rejected the Mercedes Benz proposal to refund before testing, expressed her willingness to protect her rights according to law after the test results came out, and asked everyone to pay attention to the matter itself and not dig into her personal life. At present, her family is deeply disturbed by it.

Xiao Lei (a pseudonym), Wang Qian's family, told the Beijing news that because of the pressure of public opinion and the support of netizens, they had the opportunity to communicate with Mercedes Benz face to face. They hoped to get professional and authoritative investigation and explanation on the unreasonable parts in the purchase process, 'many people should have encountered unreasonable places like us.'

Xiao Lei said that they have submitted relevant appeals to the local industry and Commerce Department. The investigation team said that there will be investigation results in the near future. 'I hope to see the evidence related to the eight appeals I put forward, including the interest chain of financial service fees, how many people have been charged and how they have been charged in the investigation results.'

'if it's shoddy, one will pay three in accordance with the law'

Beijing News: what is the progress of the current incident?

Wang Qian: on April 13, I went to the local administration for Industry and Commerce for the first time to cooperate with the investigation, and the relevant departments immediately intervened. I put forward eight demands, which need a reply from Mercedes Benz.

Beijing News: do you mean Mercedes Benz or Xi'an lizhixing 4S store?

Wang Qian: in the early stage, both of them were prevaricating with each other, but the person who signed the contract with me was Xi'an lizhixing. I also valued the brand, so I went to lizhixing to buy a car. Mercedes Benz officials and lizhixing were inappropriate in the processing. In fact, I was not satisfied.

Beijing News: what is the attitude of Mercedes Benz now?

Wang Qian: during face-to-face negotiation, Mercedes Benz said that it could return my money to me first, and then conduct testing. In case of problems, it would pay compensation according to relevant standards.

Beijing News: do you agree with this proposal?

Wang Qian: No, I refused. There is no refund before testing. If there is no problem, why refund me? There is no need to do this under the pressure of public opinion. I am willing to wait for the final result.

Beijing News: Xi'an lizhixing apologized during the negotiation. Do you accept their apology?

Wang Qian: No, when communicating with Xi'an lizhixing, I asked her to answer some of my questions. In the end, they didn't answer. I'm also very dissatisfied with the other party's superior attitude, which makes me feel that I'm giving alms to me. Now I'm standing in the middle of the vortex and can't accept it emotionally.

Beijing News: what kind of survey results do you want to see?

Wang Qian: seek truth from facts and talk about things as they are. If the test shows that there is indeed a problem before sales, it should be replaced with inferior goods according to laws and regulations, and one fake should compensate three. If it's an after-sales problem and the evidence shows that it's caused by my improper use, I should pay for it and change the engine. As long as there is formal evidence, I believe it.

Beijing News: do you think 4S stores use the national three guarantees to shift responsibility?

Wang Qian: my attitude has always been that as long as they make it clear how to identify it within the scope of national Three Guarantees (new car engine oil leakage), I will recognize it as long as they make it clear, but they can't say it clearly. There is no problem with the national Three Guarantees law. I have carefully read the national three guarantees policy these days, which is very fair. Enterprises should not take the law out of context and turn the law into an excuse for enterprises. I hope everyone has an objective attitude, not to speculate subjectively, not to mention malicious fermentation.

'receiving threat information seriously affects personal life '

Beijing News: has the discussion of public opinion put pressure on you now?

Wang Qian: in fact, before the video was posted online on April 12, my family had been hiding from this matter. Later, public opinion kept fermenting and fell on one side. The Internet said I was an actor and a spy. I was very sad when all kinds of things attacked me. My family kept comforting me. I decided to face it directly and no longer bring trouble to my family, so I accepted the interview.

Beijing News: what aspects of harassment have you been subjected to?

Wang Qian: some people have been looking for me through friends and relatives. My mobile phone number has been leaked. SMS and wechat are all strangers' information, even intimidation. Some people make up something about me on the Internet. These are causing trouble to my family. The most important thing is that I'm afraid it's even worse for some people to do evil things under false names.

Beijing News: do you have anything to say to the public?

Wang Qian: I would like to appeal to you to pay attention to the incident itself, not to care too much about me, protect my personal privacy, and treat it fairly and objectively. In my first interview on April 12, I indicated that I could not play mosaic. I am willing to face this matter and lead everyone to protect their rights, but I don't want everyone to talk about my appearance, whether I get married, where I study, etc. after this matter, many people will want to protect their rights, and they should be given due respect, rather than become their concerns about protecting their rights in the future.

■ review

● March 27

Wang Qian went to pick up the car. The dashboard said "fill 1L engine oil next time you refuel". The salesperson told him to drive the car to the store to solve it.

● March 28

The salesperson said that the system of the car had to be upgraded. In the afternoon, he said that the engine of the car was leaking oil. Can you take it apart and have a look. Wang Qian didn't agree and asked for a refund or car change. The salesperson said she had to wait for three days.

● April 1

The salesperson said that the refund was troublesome. Could you change the car and give some compensation. Wang Qian agrees.

● April 4

The salesperson also said that he hoped to replace the vehicle with an engine and give some compensation. Wang Qian did not agree.

● April 8

The salesperson said that according to the national Three Guarantees, you can only change the engine. Wang Qian said it was unacceptable.

● April 9

Wang Qian came to the 4S store, sat in the car and had a dispute with the clerk. " We didn't take that video. I don't know who took it and posted it online. "

● April 11

The market supervision department of the high tech Zone intervened in the investigation. The vehicles involved shall be sealed up according to law, and the legal testing organization shall be entrusted to carry out technical testing. After investigating and verifying the new demands and evidence put forward by consumers, they shall be dealt with fairly according to law and regulations.

● April 13

The market supervision department once again instructed the 4S store to implement the refund as soon as possible. Mercedes Benz said it had sent a working group to Xi'an.

● April 14

Mercedes Benz said that it 'did not charge customers for financial services'.