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What is the price of Baojun RS5? List of Baojun RS5 configuration information

What is the price of Baojun RS5? List of Baojun RS5 configuration information

A new force suddenly rises. In recent years, the company has been loyal to many users with high cost performance. Many friends make complaints about logo low. Recently, Bao Jun has been awakening, replacing the new logo with the launch of a new SUV model Bao Jun RS5, so how much is the price of Bao Jun RS5? How about the configuration? Let's have a look.

With the rapid development of domestic cars, the homogenization of medium and low-end products is serious and the share is stable. More and more car enterprises launch their own high-end models and open the door to the high-end market. Then, following the Great Wall, Geely, BYD and other car companies, Baojun also launched the RS5. This car abandoned the impression that Baojun cars were cheap and low-end in the past. The new Baojun RS5, which has the same level of leading intelligent driving strength, sold for 96800-132800 yuan.

We all know that the new Baojun rs-5 adopts the latest diamond logo. Officials say that the diamond mark represents nobility and art, and reflects the pursuit of not following rules, not blindly following and daring to create an era; At the same time, the new logo is designed with great visual tension and recognition, which is more in line with the aesthetics of the younger generation. The logo is first used to locate the new Baojun RS5 with young intelligence, which can be said to complement each other. There is little change in appearance. The family design, Xinghui air inlet grille, long and narrow LED headlamp group, suspended roof and through tail lamp create a sense of luxury. Of course, the sense of luxury is also reflected in the size of 4570mm * 1870mm * 1705mm and wheelbase of 2700mm. The wide body with high height design does not look like bread, which is worthy of praise. I don't say much about appearance and size. One person has one view.

The new Baojun rs-5 has a luxurious interior. Soft materials are used wherever it can reach, regardless of its door edge and center console, and the workmanship is very fine. In addition, coupled with the flat bottom steering wheel, large central control screen and various chrome decoration, the whole carriage conveys a feeling of luxury and technology. Xinbaojun rs-5 also has super intelligent driving control and tidal interconnection technology. As the brand of "xinbaojun", xinbaojun rs-5 is the first model developed, manufactured and launched by the new intelligent r platform. It has the characteristics of intelligent driving electronic architecture, strong vehicle model and power scalability, efficient modular platform architecture and so on, which makes xinbaojun rs-5 successfully realize intelligent identification of speed limit, 0-130km / h integrated adaptive cruise Level 5 anti-collision active safety protection, intelligent high and low beam switching and other functions. Therefore, this is a high-quality SUV.

The new Baojun rs-5 is powered by a new generation of 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 151ps and a torque of 250nm (CVT version). The transmission is matched with manual and CVT gearbox. The CVT gearbox that can simulate 8-speed is the result of the joint development of SAIC GM and Bosch. In terms of suspension, the new Baojun rs-5 is equipped with front McPherson independent suspension and rear multi link independent suspension, four-wheel independent suspension system, FSD damping valve and automatic adjustable damping shock absorber, which provides a good shock filtering effect for the whole vehicle.