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Don't be afraid of long spots on your face. These conditioning methods teach you to eliminate it slo

As the saying goes, a white cover a hundred ugly, everyone wants to have a perfect good skin, in fact, good skin is raised. Long spots are not terrible. They can be eliminated by slow conditioning.

Genetic causes of long spots on women's faces

The important cause of freckles is autosomal inheritance. Light brown to yellowish brown spots with needle tips to the size of rice grains are symmetrically distributed on the face, or freckles grow on the nose.

Endocrine disorders

An important reason for a woman's long spots on her face is because of endocrine disorders. Changes in the level of sex hormones in the body are generally during menstruation and pregnancy. When endocrine disorders occur, there will often be unstable emotions, which will affect her own metabolic function, easily lead to the formation of color spots and affect the production of melanin.

External exposure

A large part of women's long spots are exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the sun. When the skin is exposed to too much sunlight, the epidermis will produce more melanin particles to protect the human body from injury. However, under ultraviolet radiation, the skin will be more prone to spots under photosynthesis. At the same time, ultraviolet radiation will deepen the original melanin, The spots are even more serious.

Irregular living habits

Poor living habits, or bad living habits such as stress, partial eclipse and lack of sleep, affect the continuous increase of melanin. High life pressure, poor sleep quality and no intake of nutrients will reduce the metabolism of the skin and lead to serious spots again.

What about long spots on a woman's face

Step 1: control the spots on your face - sunscreen

In fact, the reason is very simple. Freckles grow on human skin because of the accumulation of subcutaneous pigment. The subcutaneous pigment wants to gather, which is absolutely indispensable for the role of ultraviolet light. Therefore, if you want to stop spots on your face, the first thing to do is sunscreen.

There are many specific measures for sunscreen. First, we can minimize the number of trips and the amount of outdoor activities; If you can't avoid going out, you can apply a good sunscreen and high SPF emulsion on the face. In addition, you can also wear a sun hat or hold a sun umbrella when you go out. Click the blue word to learn more about sunscreen: sunscreen is essential. Eat eight more 'natural sunscreen' on hot days

Step 2: reduce spots on the face - Nursing

Women's cents are divided into three parts. The first part is makeup; The second part is dressing up; The third part is nursing. Therefore, as long as the skin is well cared for, 1 / 3 beauty can be born. At present, the whitening and freckle facial mask with better effect is often expensive, and some of the mask with special effects are often cured. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the spots on your face for a long time and thoroughly, you can try the economical and practical homemade whitening freckles mask.

Chinese wolfberry

Medlar (fresh 120 grams, dry 60 grams) decocting on behalf of tea, the amount is unlimited; Or use it to make wine, and drink an appropriate amount of alcohol per meal. It can nourish the liver and kidney, benefit Qi and blood, and make the face bright and white.

Wax gourd kernel

5 grams of wax gourd kernel, 6 grams of orange peel and 12 grams of peach blossom are mixed and grinded into fine powder. After dinner, take it with rice soup three times a day for several months. The face can become white, tender and smooth.


The fruit acid in the fruit can increase the keratinization speed of the skin and accelerate the elimination of melanin. If used properly, it can also help the absorption of some water-soluble substances. Mash pears or apples, mix in high-grade flour and apply it to the face, which is very helpful to the tenderness of facial skin. You can also put lemon slices into beer, soak them overnight, and rub your face with this wine the next day.


Milk can make the skin of the face and even the whole body white and tender. You can soak fresh milk in cotton or gauze, apply it to the face after it is wet, and wash it with water half an hour later, once a day.

Fresh lemon juice

Red spots will appear on the excessively sunburned skin. You can rub the sunburned part with milk, and then apply it on the face with cotton tablets immersed in fresh lemon juice and water (citric acid has cosmetic effect, but the concentration is too high to stimulate the skin.


Potatoes peel (1/3 can be used), ground to paste, remove moisture, transferred to the top flour, as a mask on the surface, 25 minutes later washed with water.

There are spots on the face, which are generally difficult to remove by external means, because they grow from the inside of the skin. Generally, in addition to genetic factors, many of them are caused by our failure to take good care of our skin. For these, we should first change the lifestyle that endangers skin health. In addition, we can also eat more food that is good for the skin, so as to slowly remove the spots on the skin Points can still be eliminated.