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Often knock here, freckle beauty don't worry

Did you know that the acupoints of the body can sometimes help you beautify. Women often beat the body to remove spots and beautify. So, which acupoints can freckle beauty?

Beat eight acupoints for freckle removal and beauty

1. Sanyin acupoint

It is located on the inner side of the lower leg, when the tip of the inner ankle of the foot is 3 inches (refers to the same body inch, that is, the transverse degree of the patient's thumb finger joint is 1 inch), and behind the medial edge of the tibia. From 9:00 to 11:00 every night, you can massage Sanyin for a few minutes to regulate menstruation, maintain uterus and ovaries, remove spots and wrinkles.

2. Guan yuan

On the anterior midline of the lower abdomen, 3 inches below the middle of the umbilicus. It can nourish vitality, guide red and drench, and has curative effects on physiological disorders, neurasthenia, insomnia, dizziness, etc. it can dilute color spots and remove spots in beauty.

3. Shenshu Point

It is located 1.5 inches next to the spinous process of the second lumbar spine. It has the effects of benefiting the kidney, helping Yang, strengthening the waist and benefiting water. It can treat irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, anemia and other diseases, so as to eliminate the resulting color spot problem.

4. Tanzhong point

Located at the intersection of the fourth costal space and the anterior midline. This acupoint collects pericardial Qi and blood. It is mainly used for palpitation, upset, chest pain, hiccup and other diseases. It often has a certain effect on color spots.

5. Diji acupoint

Three inches above the three yin points. It can strengthen the spleen and infiltrate dampness. It has curative effect on abdominal pain, irregular menstruation and mastitis, and can resist the color spots caused by it.

6. Zusanli point

The outer knee is now 3 inches and the lateral tibia is about a transverse finger. This point can strengthen the body, fight against aging, freckle and beauty.

7. Pishu point

Located on the back, under the spinous process of the eleventh thoracic vertebra, two fingers wide (1.5 inches) are opened on the left and right sides. Massage this point is mainly used to strengthen the spleen and stomach, promote dampness and clear up. It has a little effect on dyspepsia, gastritis, anemia and irregular menstruation, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and freckle removal.

8. Qihai cave

This point is located under the spinous process of the third lumbar spine, with a side opening of 1.5 inches. It mainly treats irregular menstruation, blocked defecation, fullness of epigastric distension, low back pain and other diseases, and can also play the effect of freckle removal.

Beauty porridge recommendation

1. Yam medlar honey porridge

Materials: yam, japonica rice, medlar, honey.

Practice: peel the yam and cut it into blocks, during which you can soak the medlar in warm water; Pour cold water into the pot, then add japonica rice, yam, medlar and other materials, and cook over high fire first; Until porridge like, use a small fire and stir constantly. Add honey to taste.

2. Lotus seed longan porridge

Ingredients: lotus seed, Euryale ferox, rice kernel, longan meat.

Method: wash the Euryale ferox, rice kernel, longan meat and lotus seeds, put them into the pot, add water and cook over low heat for 1 hour; Season with a little honey, take it once, and eat lotus seeds with porridge.

3. Rose porridge

Materials: japonica rice, budding roses, rock sugar.

Practice: you can first add an appropriate amount of water to decoct roses, and then boil japonica rice with rose juice. In this way, the porridge is more fragrant.