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What are the most popular songs of the most tiktok? 2019 TikTok Top Ten Greatest Hits

with the development of science and technology and network, people are more and more dependent on the network, and life is more and more inseparable from the network. All kinds of information on the network has penetrated into every bit of life. The tiktok is tiktok tiktok is the most popular short video platform this year. Many people love to find good songs by shaking their voice. What are the most popular songs in 2019? This article is tiktok, which brings you 2018 and 2019 of the most popular ten songs of the divine comedy. Let's see which I love it.

2018 ten, 1 tiktok, decent

Original singer: Yu Wenwen

A song called soul and story by netizens sings the feeling of many people after breaking up. It is an addictive song after stopping. Perfect singing out of love, vigorous, time-sharing, good gathering and good dispersion. I believe that most people have only a good beginning but no perfect ending, which is a pity and makes this song too addictive. At the same time, it is also an episode of the previous 3 films. Remember those predecessors who cried out in the cinema?

2018 ten tiktok 2, take you to travel

Original singer: headmaster

It is said that the reason why this song is popular is terrible!!

A man took a big stereo to the street to express his feelings. When he disagreed with his sister, he sang, regardless of whether others could stand it or not. Later, driven by the network, even the original singer didn't expect to catch fire!

It is said that the reason why this song is popular is that there is a man who always likes to be famous for hype and carry a stereo to the street to express his love. When he sees a girl, he sings when he doesn't agree with her. Blocking people to sing, regardless of whether they accept it or not. Later, with the help of the network, this song became popular. It's really possible that even the singer himself never thought of it!

2018 tiktok ten Divine Comedy 3, seaweed dance.

Original singer: Xiao Quan

I believe that many netizens share the same feeling as "Xiaobian". They feel that the seaweed dance is poisonous. Every time they hear it, there is a feeling of tiktok. As one of the ten great divine songs of the tune, the seaweed dance is not a small one. It is the latest album of Xiao Quan, the original author of social shake, published in November 8, 2017. This song has a strong sense of rhythm. Don't listen to it on important occasions!

2018 ten tiktok 4, we are different.

Original singer: Da Zhuang

Created by a very talented anchor, Momo is different from us. Everyone has different situations. It sings the voice of many people and the different situations experienced by everyone, which resonates with the audience! Tiktok is called one of the ten greatest songs of the tremble. Although some netizens later said that "we are different" is too loser, isn't it loser who can say such words? It pays attention to the state of mind rather than material.

2018 the ten greatest songs of the 5 tiktok, the light following.

Original singer: Cen Ninger

The episode of the TV series "the summer solstice" describes a feeling of burying love in the bottom of my heart.

Classic lyrics: whenever I raise my head for you, even tears feel free. Some love falls like the sun, losing while owning.

Netizen comments: he is my heavy rain, but I can't wait for the rainbow. May everything be well!

2018 ten, tiktok 6, short hair.

Original singer: Liang Yongqi

This song opened the mainland market when it was released in 1997, and even set off a short fever. At that time, Liang Yongqi became the spokesman of short haired girls!!

Netizen comments: if a woman is willing to cut your long hair into short hair, please cherish it!

2018 tiktok ten great Divine Comedy 7, boss

Original singer: Bridge

The creator of the boss participated in the Chongqing go $h brand rapper Bridgewith hip-hop in China. His music is very distinctive. His singing occasionally feels lazy, and the timbre is also very good. I want to be in a sports car, want a Ferrari, want money, everything depends on yourself & hellip& hellip;

2018 tiktok ten Divine Comedy 8, end

Original singer: Zhao Fangjing cover: Feng Timo

Tiktok was released in 2016, and it was not ideal at the beginning. Until the voice of Que was heard, it began to fire. Later, when someone was released from the voice, he was in a complete mess of all kinds of songs and fire.

Reminder: never listen to the audio version!

2018 tiktok ten great Divine Comedy 9, wait a minute.

Original singer: Xu Yuteng

A song released in 2007 can be said to be an old song. The lyrics are adapted from real stories, and are used in sad tiktok videos.

Netizen Zhaxin comments: people are too familiar with each other. You know where the knife will hurt the most and kill the most.

2018 tiktok ten ten Divine Comedy, sorrow

Original song: Mao is not easy

One to the sunrise and one to the moonlight

A toast to hometown and a toast to the distance

A toast to tomorrow and a toast to the past

One to freedom, one to death

This passage made China tiktok all over the night, and many people in the trembling voice used it to match the sad bridge section.

It's such a simple eight cups of wine. One cup is heavier than the other, and one cup is more bitter than the other. The lyrics poke people's hearts. I once dreamed of walking to the ends of the world with a sword, looking at the prosperity of the world, and finally being mercilessly broken by reality.

2019 the most tiktok of the most vibrant music:

1、Something Just Like This

2、Me Too




6. Love liar I ask you

7. It's windy

8. Love is you

9. Light chaser

10. Take you to travel. The above is what Xiaobian brought to you. 2018 and 2019 are introduced by the most Vulcan songs. I hope you can find your favorite songs.