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Complete list of winners of 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards

Complete list of winners of 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards Recently, the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2019 was announced. Unparalleled is a rare Hong Kong Film masterpiece in recent years, winning 16 nominations and leading all the way. Let's look at the complete list of winners.

The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards ended last night. Unparalleled, led by 16 nominations, became the biggest winner of the night and won 7 awards such as best film, best director and best screenwriter. Huang Qiusheng and Zeng MEIHUIZI were awarded the film emperor and empress by virtue of "the fallen man" and "Sanfu".

No matter in the mainland or Hong Kong, "matchless" was in the limelight last year. When the film director Zhuang Wenqiang was awarded the best director, he said, 'I remember talking to my classmates when I read the film about what the director is. Students say & lsquo; One will succeed forever & rsquo;. Today, I must thank the staff in front of and behind the stage for coming to this stage. Without you, the director would be nothing. Thank you (president of Bona Film Group) Mr. Yu Dong. Another thing to thank is my wife. I remember she was the first person who thought I would succeed in making a film. "

The competition for the best actor this year is more intense, and the finalists are old opera bones with deep qualifications. Huang Qiusheng won the award by beating Zhou Runfa, Guo Fucheng, Wu Zhenyu and other powerful actors with "the fallen". In the film, he plays a half paralyzed divorced and poor man, and develops a moving story beyond identity and language with the Filipino maid.

This year's best actress was awarded to Zeng MEIHUIZI, who had a wonderful performance in Chen Guo's new film Sanfu. She played a dusty woman in the film and completed this role with a shocking performance, which has been highly praised. In her speech, in addition to thanking director Chen Guo and her mother, she also mentioned 'brother' Zhang Guorong, saying that she was greatly encouraged by him, 'seeing his play, I know that the play is bigger than heaven'.

"Fourth brother" Xie Xian won the lifetime achievement award, which was presented to him by Hong Kong Chief Executive Lam Cheng yueh-e. When receiving the award, Xie Xian said that he had been in the industry for more than 60 years. He was very happy to come back and see everyone. He hoped that he could make more scenes in the future.

"I'm not a god of medicine" won the best Chinese film on both sides of the Strait by defeating strong rivals such as "Jianghu children", "evil outweighs good" and "Carnival".

The ceremony also paid tribute to the film workers who died in 2018, including Jin Yong, LAN jieying, Lin Yanni, Lin Lingdong, Zou wenhuai, Yue Hua and Ji Chunhua, who came from various positions in the film industry.

List of winners

Best film: unparalleled

Best director: Zhuang Wenqiang's unparalleled

Best screenwriter: Zhuang Wenqiang's unparalleled

Best actor: Huang Qiusheng's fallen man

Best actress: Zeng MEIHUIZI's Sanfu

Best supporting actor: Yuan Fuhua's Cui Si

Best Supporting Actress: Hui Yinghong's Cui Si

Best new actor: crisel consunji

Best photography: Guan Zhiyao's unparalleled

Best editing: unparalleled by Peng Zhengxi

Best art director: Lin ziqiao (unparalleled)

Best fashion design: unparalleled in wennian

Best action design: Lin Chaoxian's Red Sea Action

Best Original Movie Music: rubberband uncle countercurrent

Best original movie song: countercurrent song uncle countercurrent

Best sound effect: nopavat & middot; King likit / sarunyu nurnsai operation Red Sea

Best visual effect: Red Sea action by Li Renhao and Jiang Taijun

New director: Chen Xiaojuan's fallen man

Best cross-strait Chinese Film: "I'm not a god of medicine"

Professionalism Award: Liu Yun

Lifetime Achievement Award: Xie Xian