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Power game season 8 who will die power game season 8 death list

Power game season 8 who will die power game season 8 death list the eighth season of the game of power has been broadcast, and there has been a lot of discussion about the plot. In the last season, a large number of people will be on the death list. Who will die in the eighth season of the game of power? Let's look at the death list of Quanyou Season 8.

With the arrival of Season 8, the night King flies south on a dragon. It can be said that no one is safe, and Westeros will become a battlefield. Although we can't foresee the future, we can really guess who is most likely to die!

1. Cersei & middot; Lannister

Let's start with what everyone wants her to die. In fact, at the beginning of the game of power, cersei & middot, as the queen; Lannister is wearing a long red dress and her hair is tied in a beautiful bun, or she hangs down so soft that she looks beautiful walking in the garden, but she is beautiful and cruel enough.

All three children died, and cersei's only human nature seemed to be gone. She sat on the Iron Throne.

At first glance, killing the 'Evil Queen' at the end of the story seems to be a common bridge in Western stories, but what kind of novel and American drama is game of power? Since Robert and Ned died, we know that this work is destined to subvert the world in our hearts!

Especially in recent seasons, the death of little finger, the reunited stark brothers and sisters, as well as Dany and snow. Seeing these, I feel that if cersei's ending is just dead, what's the difference between simply handing the audience a bottle of water? What we expect is the strongest wine! I want her to die!

In the game of power, cersei's existence is not a villain in the traditional sense. James has always been her most stable teammate, but there have been differences. According to the extremely close relationship between the two, James can realize that cersei is hopeless!

To tell you an ugly story, James has killed the mad king and become a 'regicide'. What can he do if he kills another queen? Of course, there is also the prophecy about cersei. It is doomed that a younger queen will take everything she cherishes. Since the queen may be the dragon mother, the prophecy in the novel that she will die in the hands of her brother may also come true!

There are many hated characters in the game of power, such as skinny, old Frey, little finger and so on. Now only cersei is alive!

2. James & middot; Lannister

If a man is destined to kill cersei in the game of power, the most likely person is her closest brother James. The relationship between James and cersei has always happened under Robert's eyes, and even had three children.

Later, James was caught, lost a hand and almost died. He finally returned to King's landing City, but found that cersei had changed.

James watched cersei disintegrate little by little, so that she broke the agreement and threatened everyone's life. He finally made up his mind to make a decision by himself.

Although James has combat effectiveness, don't forget that cersei is still in power. There are many resources that want her to sit on the iron throne, so even if he wants to kill cersei, if he really does, he is likely to be killed!

3. Red robed woman melisandra

The red robed woman has always had a great impact on the war in the game of power. She left Westeros at the end of season 7.

Speaking of it, melisandra has also changed several loyal objects, from Stannis & middot; When baratheon came to snow, he finally provided a lot of information to Long Ma. Although the time was very short, she was driven away by snow because of little princess Xilin.

In her last conversation with the eight clawed spider Wallis, she told him that she wanted to gather ice and fire together, and snow came to the dragon mother, so she had achieved her goal.

At the end of the conversation, she left without looking back, but still told Wallis that she, like him, was destined to die in Westeros.

This is not only a preview of the future, but also tells us that it is possible to see melisandra die in season 8 of game of thrones, but we don't know who will kill her in the end!

4. Eight clawed spider Wallis

Melisandra, a red robed woman, said that she would die in Westeros like Wallis, obviously referring to Wallis.

As the chief intelligence officer, Wallis always has the label of "Survivor". He is the king of running water and the iron eight clawed spider. He is good at watching the wind. Although he is loyal to the civilians of the seven kingdoms, he will always stand beside the last winner.

At first he worked for the mad king, and then when Robert wanted to fight for power, he said he wanted to work for the barasienlu family. Even emperor Joe took the Iron Throne. He was also the intelligence manager. Later, in order to help the dragon mother, he ran away and took a little devil with him.

Now, back in Westeros, he can help cope with the confrontation between several parties, but he doesn't know if he has any clever plans as the night King's army is getting closer and closer? Will you change your position again?

Anyway, if what the red robed woman said has half the credibility, there is a great possibility that Wallis will die in the finals!

5. Devil mountain and hound brothers must die!

In the hearts of all fans of the game of power, there must be such an expectation that the hatred between the Kerrigan hounds and the magic mountain brothers will certainly develop into a life and death battle!

The last episode of season 7 just plays a role in fanning the flames and preparing everyone. The war between them will certainly appear in season 8.

Although they are brothers, hounds and Magic Mountain don't like each other all the time. In the game of power, magic mountain has always taken a different road. Magic mountain has become cerxi's silent and terrible bodyguard, and the road of hounds seems to have a more sense of 'Redemption'.

Now, their obvious opposition. Although the biggest attraction of the eighth season finals must be the war between the night king and the living, the 'showdown' duel between hounds and demon mountain is also very interesting!

One of them must die!

6. Theon & middot; Grejoy

In the game of power, there are few characters like theon who needs a rough fate comparable to a front-line role. He has become a quasi Lord from seizing Winterfell, a slave under the little Skinner, and now a soldier of the grejoy family!

Although he did not save his sisters from Youlun's men, even if Youlun & middot; Grejoy is allied with cersei, but there are still many kinds of iron loyal to him. Theon is determined to correct his past mistakes, save his sisters and restore the reputation of the family.

It is not clear what impact theon will have on the war, but for theon himself, he really has to pay the greatest price and sacrifice himself to save his family and iron people!

After he has experienced so much pain and done so many wrong things, maybe even if he doesn't want this life, theon will achieve his goal!

7. Jora & middot; Mormon

In the game of thrones, Jora & middot; Mormont can be said to be a good spare tire for ten thousand years. It's not easy to pursue dragon mother for so many years!

In fact, he tried many ways to show his loyalty just to win the love of Long Ma, but what Long Ma gave was not the kind of feeling he really wanted.

Later, he became ill. Although Sam's treatment was effective, it made him suffer a lot. Now that he was well, he obeyed his queen's order and returned to her. It seems that there is no reason for Jora to leave Longma.

But life and death is hard to say in the game of power. Since Jora is very important in the life of dragon mother, the purpose of his appearance must not be to betray her at the beginning, get sick and finally become a loyal minister. I'm sorry for his large number of scenes!

A reasonable explanation is that in a war in the eighth season of the game of power, he will rush in front of the dragon mother to protect her and face the fatal danger for her. Therefore, Jora is destined to die to protect her beloved kalisi!