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How about old Geely? What are the disadvantages?

Now many people have bought cars, and there are many car brands, so people have a wide range of choices. Geely cars are also very popular in the current market, and many young people will consider Geely cars. Geely has many models, so what about geely vision?

If the vision is not good, what are the fatal shortcomings of geely vision? Most car owners reported that the actual fuel consumption is too high compared with that of their peers. Geely vision is equipped with a 1.5L self-priming engine and a 1.3t turbocharged engine, and the engine displacement is not high. However, 18 models have cancelled the 1.3t model, focusing on the 4AT automatic version.

For such power matching, it is also enough to deal with urban walking. It can't be demanding and passionate. In addition, the gearbox downshifts actively. When power is needed, the gearbox can quickly downshift and increase the speed. The throttle response of the first foot is quite good, but like other 1.5L engines, it is inevitable that the rear section is weak. Remember to leave a certain margin when overtaking. In addition to shifting gears actively, the disadvantage of this 4AT gearbox is that it has some setbacks when starting from first gear to second gear.

However, in terms of handling performance, geely vision's steering adjustment is not very good. With different power output, the strength of steering assistance also changes from time to time, and sometimes a force wants to grab your steering wheel. When driving, you need to pay attention to adjusting the strength of your arm to resist it.

In terms of space, although the wheelbase of the new vision has been increased by 15mm, it can clearly see its positioning half a level smaller than that of the new imperial. The measured 27cm knee space and 74cm longitudinal space are not dominant compared with competitive products. The riding space can only be said to be sufficient but not sufficient. In this regard, an important point that potential consumers of the new vision need to measure.

Geely's new vision chassis has been readjusted, and the chassis as a whole is relatively regular. The bumps, large and small, can basically help me resolve about 60%. The rest is filtered through the seat, and there are not many trivial vibrations actually transmitted to the body. Moreover, the sound insulation of the chassis is good, and the overall comfort is OK.

However, geely vision's real trump card lies in its high configuration. At this price, there are all the necessary configurations, as well as those that should not be. In addition to automatic headlights, keyless entry + one button start and reversing image, there are also automatic folding of rear-view mirrors, ESC (standard automatic gear), tire pressure monitoring, tachograph, one button lifting of four door windows, on-board interconnection system and 'Hello, Vision 'vehicle voice system, etc., these configurations are very practical.

The interior materials are also close to the level of Geely's premium cars. In terms of appearance, Geely has also used a family style water drop ripple front face and smart eyes headlights for the new vision. China open and headlights are connected, and the overall feeling is good. These have greatly improved the fashion degree and sense of grade of vision at the image level. Geely seems to have found the answer to why no one bought geely vision before. Moreover, the fatal shortcomings of geely vision have not been exposed at present.