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What is the retirement age in the United States?

Retirement simply means to leave your current job after reaching the legal age and enjoy the national social security after retirement. In fact, retirement in the United States is also a kind of welfare. Employees can enjoy retirement benefits when they reach their working years. What is the retirement age in the United States?

The United States government does not have a mandatory unified retirement age. Wage earners often make choices according to their physical and financial conditions, and can choose early retirement or normal retirement. Generally, you can retire early at the age of 62, and you can start to receive a pension, but you have to give a 70% discount. For each month of delay, the discount is less. The normal retirement age depends on the date of birth. For example, the retirement age of those born in 1937 and before 1937 is 65; The retirement age of those born between 1943 and 1954 was 66; The retirement age for those born in 1960 and after 1960 is 67.

[content supplement]: among the American wage earners whose retirement time is earlier than the planned time, the reasons for early retirement are mainly related to the employer, physical condition and family finance. Unemployment, hate work, can get generous retirement rewards, poor health, need to take care of their families, have enough pension money and so on are the reasons why people retire early. Among those who retire later than planned, the reasons for delaying retirement include that families need more income, need medical insurance and benefits provided by employers, don't save enough pension money, like work, etc.

1、 What is the retirement age in the United States? Are there any hard and fast rules?

[reply]: a few jobs in the United States, such as professional diplomats, police, firefighters, etc., have strict age requirements in the contract, and there is no age standard of "must retire" in other industries. The current retirement age in the United States is generally 67.

2、 What is the early retirement age in the United States? Can I retire early at the age of 50?

[reply]: No, according to the relevant regulations of the United States, wage earners can apply for early retirement when they reach the age of 62. But the pension is discounted.

3、 What is endowment insurance called in the United States? What is the payment proportion? What is the retirement age?

[reply]: endowment insurance is called "old age and survivors' insurance" in the United States. Its tax rate is 10.6%, that is, 10.6% of the monthly salary. The employer and employee pay 50% of the money respectively. The current normal retirement age in the United States is 67, but you can still work as long as you are willing and the employer is willing to hire.