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Is there an upper limit on the number of automobile insurance accidents?

The occurrence of traffic accidents is related to many aspects. Some are unskilled in driving, and some may drive too fast. Therefore, whether the number of accidents is limited has become the most concerned problem of many people? Generally speaking, if the number of automobile insurance accidents is too many, the insurance company may lose a lot of money, let alone break even. Therefore, after a traffic accident, the insurance cost will be relatively higher than before.

There is usually no limit, but in order to avoid some people deliberately colliding, if there is no limit on the number of automobile insurance accidents, it will cause continuous claims for compensation, and the insurance company will not allow such things to happen!

In fact, in the whole market, it is also common for automobile insurance to have too many accidents and make compensation, that is, insurance companies should constantly make compensation in the process of specific compensation. In fact, in this type of situation, the insurance company will also take corresponding measures to rectify, that is, in more than three times, such car owners may enter the blacklist, so consumers may not be able to choose this insurance company. Insurance companies also have specific regulations on the number of automobile insurance accidents.

The company believes that more than three accidents belong to high-risk vehicle trains, which need to increase the premium or directly enter the blacklist. The specific increase in premium is more obvious, that is, the general premium is adjusted from 110% to 120% of four accidents, or 130% of more than four accidents, so that the insurance company may not pay too much. The overall service was very good, but some people deliberately damaged the vehicle, so the amount of compensation would be a lot.

If the number of auto insurance accidents exceeds 3 times, or the loss ratio exceeds 100%, or the total amount of compensation reaches twice the annual premium, customers will be blacklisted, which requires customers to pay attention to the number of auto insurance accidents. Because the amount of such compensation is a lot, and the overall odds of insurance companies are of course very high. Of course, such auto insurance will not be guaranteed. Ping An insurance company's auto insurance is quite formal. It is very comprehensive in the specific guarantee process. It considers a lot for customers, and the most important thing is that the car is mainly driven safely, which is beneficial to itself.

Therefore, the overall impact of too many automobile insurance accidents is not very good. Consumers should pay attention to safety after driving, because only their own safety is valuable and meaningful. Although Ping An insurance company will have certain compensation, if they are hurt, they will still suffer. Therefore, we need to pay close attention to the number of accidents after we know clearly.