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How to choose an underground parking space? What skills do you have

With the increasing number of cars, almost every family has bought cars, and parking spaces are becoming more and more difficult to find. At this time, many people will choose to buy their own parking spaces when buying a house. There are many selection skills when buying parking spaces. Next, let's learn how to select underground parking spaces? What skills do you have?

1. It's best to choose a parking space formed between two columns. Opening doors on both sides will not affect the next car. Generally, the parking space at this position is very wide.

2. Secondly, the two parking spaces between the two columns are often wider than the standard due to the large spacing between the columns. At least one side does not affect other people's cars.

3. Choose the side-by-side parking space close to the column, so that the door on one side can be opened without affecting other vehicles. At the same time, consider whether you go in backwards or directly and the car comes out backwards. It's better to choose the position in the direction of the cab you're used to driving.

4. Pay attention to the height. There are often pipelines on the top of underground parking spaces. It is best to choose the one with high height. Some have pipelines and valves behind them, which will shorten the parking space. Generally do not choose. In case the valve is hit by reversing, no matter who is responsible, it will be a big trouble.

5. When selecting the location, sometimes parking spaces will be formed between the walls. In this way, the car can only go in directly and come out backwards. It is inconvenient and difficult to control the direction of the vehicle. It needs to be poured out one or two times more than other parking spaces, and even to a far empty place to turn around.

6. Attention should also be paid to the height. Some have parking spaces on both sides of the lane, some on one side, and the other side is a wall. When the width is about the same, choose the one with parking spaces on one side of the lane, which will have less driving interference in the future.

7. Distance, generally choose the door close to your home. However, it should be noted that at the intersection, it looks very open and actually dangerous, especially when there are walls blocking the line of sight. When other vehicles enter, their own car directly reverses in the parking space. The line of sight at the corner is often poor, and there are many cars passing through the intersection, which is more dangerous.

8. People should also pay attention to the proximity of the door. Proximity is convenient, but people will be invisible and dangerous when they come out. The choice of the first or second floor underground, of course, money is a good one. If both floors need to enter the elevator, it's better to choose the second floor, which has high cost performance.

9. It's OK to get close to the door. It's better to be close to the bright aisle on the upper floor. Some choose to get close to the underground elevator door. The first floor is still an underground elevator passage. The light is often dim and uncomfortable. They spend more money and think it's a good location. In fact, it's the same as the result of the second floor. We should also pay attention to this.