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How long can PICC claim for a vehicle accident? Do you know?

When buying a car, usually the buyer will buy a car insurance for the car. When a disaster comes, the risk can be minimized. Usually, when there are no casualties in vehicle accidents, the time to obtain claims is relatively short. The applicant can handle the claims by submitting the claims materials mentioned by the insurance company in time. For major accidents involving complex or personal injury, the time is relatively long, and the specific circumstances need to be treated specifically. Let's take a look at how long it takes for PICC auto insurance to settle claims?

How long does it take to settle auto insurance claims

Before we talk about the length of claim settlement, we come to the important issues that need to be paid attention to in claim settlement. If you are a PICC auto insurance customer, you should report to the insurance company in time within 48 hours after the accident. If the reporting time exceeds the specified time, the owner will give up the right to claim; After the case is reported, the PICC will send a Survey Institute to conduct on-site survey and determine the loss. During this period, the surveyor will give the customer a loss order, indicating the lost parts of the vehicle and the relevant repair price. If the customer has any questions about the loss determination content and repair price, he can negotiate with the surveyor to re determine the loss. It should be noted that the vehicle must be repaired after the loss is determined; The materials to be submitted during the claim include the automobile insurance policy, the insured's ID card, driving license and vehicle driving license, accident certificate issued by the traffic police, etc. If a third party is involved, the third party's ID card, property loss certificate or personal disability certificate shall also be provided; Finally, the documents are reviewed. If they are approved, the compensation will be paid within the specified ten days.

How long does PICC auto insurance claim take? In order to improve the efficiency of auto insurance claim settlement and meet the needs of customers, PICC auto insurance services have been continuously upgraded. As long as you download the PICC app client, you can enjoy all-weather and all types of online claim settlement services. On November 2, 2017, when Ms. Liu, a PICC auto insurance customer, was driving, the vehicle accidentally collided, causing the left front fog lamp to fall off. So Ms. Liu entered the thumb claim settlement in the PICC app client, applied for a report, and completed the survey process by herself under the guidance of the PICC online claim settlement specialist, which took 8 minutes; PICC customer Mr. Wang reported the case online through PICC app, photographed and uploaded the accident site and loss details according to the report requirements of app, and was told to evacuate the accident site and go to the 4S store for loss determination and maintenance after passing the review. The whole process took 10 minutes.