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Do you have to deduct points for running a red light? How to punish?

As we all know, the car will always encounter some violations of traffic rules in the process of driving. If the car runs the red light, it will be punished. Running a red light is not only an immoral behavior, but also an illegal behavior. But what punishment will you be punished if you accidentally run a red light?

1、 Can you appeal if you run a red light due to rear end collision

Appeal process of being run through the light: if being run through the red light by rear end collision, the accident handling certificate issued by the traffic police can be provided, but the illegal time displayed on the certificate must be consistent with the illegal time of electronic eye photography, so as to prove that the red light running is not deliberately caused by the party concerned.

2、 Will you be punished if you break through the stop line and stop quickly?

Generally, if you can stop the car after crossing the stop line, you won't be punished even if you have crossed the line. But if you don't stop but move on, you will be sentenced to running a red light. If it is a cross line parking, according to the traffic law, if it passes through the intersection and fails to drive or stop according to the regulations, 2 points will be deducted, but it is not treated as running through the red light.

Therefore, we are required to pay attention to the signal lights during driving. Pay attention to intersections, zebra crossings, stop lines, etc. Also, be sure to increase the following distance, especially behind the cart.

Don't reverse when you stop over the stop line. Running a red light by mistake can also be resolved through reconsideration, appeal, etc.

3、 What's the penalty for running a red light?

Since the promulgation of the new traffic law in 2013, the traffic rules have become very strict. The new regulations stipulate that on January 1, 2013, 6 points will be deducted from the original fine of 200 yuan instead of the original fine of 200 yuan. Many places are only fined 200 yuan without deduction for being photographed by electronic eyes. Although it is not handled to break the yellow light, try not to break it.

According to the new traffic regulations, 'if a motor vehicle drives in violation of road traffic lights, 6 points will be recorded at a time.' But not all drivers will be deducted 6 points. If there is an illegal intersection such as turning left on a straight road, 3 points will still be recorded as "violation of prohibition signs" in the road traffic safety law. At the same time, the behavior of running a red light recorded by the camera will only be fined 200 yuan, without scoring.

If you run a red light by mistake, stop immediately and just cross the stop line. Generally, the electronic eye will take 3 photos to obtain evidence.