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The goal of the new kindergarten regulations: is it true that parents can afford to let children go

Kindergarten plays an important role in children's enlightenment, and making children go to school has become an important goal of the new kindergarten regulations. According to the relevant survey, the tuition fees of some noble kindergartens are much higher than those of a college student. Many families do not want their children to lose at the starting line. Regardless of whether the economy allows or not, they try their best to send their children to kindergartens.

Parents have faced a lot of pressure since they planned to enter the park, including the following aspects:

1. Kindergarten enrollment is limited and it is difficult to sign up

Every year when the kindergarten enrolls students, we will see that many parents have lined up in a long line, even overnight, in order to register their children. Those who break their heads to earn places in private kindergartens are more difficult than public kindergartens. In some cities, it is said that they may not be able to register from the birth of their children. Is it easy for children to have preschool education? What's more, their parents broke their hearts before they went to school.

2. Tuition fees are too expensive, which is a heavy financial burden for many families

The number and quota of public kindergartens in each region are limited, which can not meet the enrollment needs of all children. Moreover, public kindergartens have unified regulations and are inflexible. Therefore, there are a large number of private kindergartens in various places. They are flexible in running schools. They can be semi-care, full care, and even boarding in some places. However, private kindergartens can not get the financial support of the government. Therefore, the charge is higher than that of public kindergartens. The cost of one semester of public kindergartens may be just enough for private kindergartens for two months. Many parents are helpless. When they reach their age, they can't help letting their children go to school.

3. Private kindergartens can meet the needs of admission, but the management is worrying

Some teachers in private kindergartens do not graduate from regular normal schools, do not have due professional quality, and even do not necessarily have qualification certificates. Parents are also worried about the environment, diet and personal safety in the kindergarten. The frequent incidents of child abuse in kindergartens occur in private kindergartens.

Fortunately, the state has begun to introduce new policies on preschool education to ensure admission and cost. Jiangsu Province recently gave instructions to private kindergartens. For specific charging standards, projects and periods, it is required to sign contracts with parents to restrict private kindergartens from charging at will.