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WeChat Alipay issued a new regulation in February, do you know?

Whether in a clothing store or in a restaurant, you can see the two-dimensional code of WeChat and Alipay everywhere. More and more people do not like to take cash with them. As long as there is a mobile phone, they can buy what they love. Alipay and WeChat have brought great convenience to our life. Recently, there are regulations where WeChat and Alipay announce the new regulations for charging. How should we choose for users?

01 charges due to high cost pressure

In fact, as early as Alipay announced the repayment of credit card charges, WeChat has carried out two charges adjustment. In July last year, wechat announced that since August 1, 2018, each wechat credit card repayment will be charged at 0.1% of the repayment amount (the amount of handling fee is calculated to two decimal places, with a minimum of 0.10 yuan).

For the above changes in the handling fee standard, wechat explained that the payment channel handling fee will be generated behind each repayment. In order to enable the majority of users to enjoy some free product experience, Tencent TenPay has been investing the cost to subsidize the handling fee. In recent years, with the rapid development of credit card repayment business, the channel handling fee cost is also growing rapidly.

Prior to this, wechat credit card charges have been implemented for more than half a year. According to the charging statement released by wechat in 2017, wechat will charge 0.1% of the accumulated repayment amount of each user exceeding 5000 yuan per natural month (minimum 0.1 yuan) from December 1, 2017. At that time, Tencent's reason was that the subsidy payment channel handling fee also increased significantly.

In the same way that WeChat charges the credit card repayment, Alipay also said in February 21st that the reason for the charge was that the "comprehensive operating cost increased rapidly". The adjustment of credit card repayment service rules was to alleviate some of the cost pressure.

However, unlike WeChat's free quota, Alipay offers a free allowance of 2000 yuan per person per month. In other words, if your monthly repayment amount is less than 2000 yuan, the charge adjustment will have no impact on you. For the part exceeding 2000 yuan, a service charge of 0.1% will be charged.

If this method is used, no matter how much credit card users have, Alipay will be more cost-effective than WeChat.

02 free way to find out

However, users are not only two channels of Alipay and WeChat, but also credit cards. In fact, users can also choose other ways besides Alipay and WeChat to return credit cards free of charge.

In Alipay, if the user still has a credit card exceeding 2000 yuan free quota and does not want to be charged, he can choose the following two ways: first, use the Alipay member points to exchange more free quotas; The second is to ask the family members with surplus free amount to help repay.

In addition, users can also choose to make free repayment through online banking, app, UnionPay cloud flash payment, JD finance and other channels.

For example, when handling credit cards, the staff will generally take the initiative to suggest users to download the bank's mobile banking app. As long as the corresponding debit card is bound, they can repay the bank's credit card. At present, the major bank apps have gradually opened the function of credit card repayment to other banks.

Another example is UnionPay cloud flash payment, which can also repay credit cards without handling charges. If you are a Jingdong white note user, Jingdong financial app is also an option. At present, Jingdong financial credit card is completely free, and its repayment interface experience is similar to that of Alipay. It also supports credit card bill inquiry and other functions.

China Singapore Jingwei noted that after Alipay relay WeChat announced charges for credit card repayment services, some internet financial platforms also promoted the promotion of corresponding businesses. The publicity page of Suning finance shows that Suning finance is free of service charge with its credit card. At present, it supports credit card repayment of 45 mainstream banks. 51 credit card said that the free repayment limit of 51 credit card housekeeper, who manages the credit card bill platform, is 20000 yuan. In addition, you can still enjoy free repayment service by making an appointment for automatic repayment through a savings card.

03 experience, benefit or determine user choice

As WeChat and Alipay continue to announce charges for credit card repayment services, users are also faced with a new choice of credit cards.

Yin Zhentao, deputy director of the law and Finance Research Institute of the China Academy of Social Sciences, said that users could choose to use Alipay to repay credit cards, which could actually reduce the repayment period, and put money into the balance as much as possible to get some benefits.

He believes that 51 credit cards, financial products with credit cards as underlying assets, can develop rapidly because they can provide customers with more opportunities to obtain income. In the past, returning credit cards through mobile banking or connecting to their own bank card account did not create income, but provided the opportunity to return credit cards.

There are Alipay users to the Sino new latitude and longitude that they have been using Alipay credit card, is mainly more convenient, experience is also better, because most of the usual income is put in balance treasure. My monthly repayment limit is about 5000 yuan, and one thousandth of the charge is 3 yuan per transaction, which is acceptable. "

Ms. Du, who works in Financial Street, Beijing, said she would still choose to pay WeChat or Alipay. To be honest, I once tried to repay my credit card with cloud flash payment, but the real app card exploded, and the experience was very bad. I will not choose to pay credit cards through other Internet Financial platforms, because WeChat or Alipay are usually used. There is no need to download a App that is not frequently used to save a few dollars, and put money in it. Ms. Du said.

However, some users will change their original habits. Ms. Jing, a user, said: 'if you charge, you don't have to. Using cloud flash payment is also a good choice. Many people around you are using it.' A Mr. Wu, who works in Shanghai, said he was still using credit cards from WeChat and Alipay. Now that he has to start charging, he will try to operate through bank App.