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How do employees reach retirement age handle retirement procedures?

Many people know the meaning of retirement, but they don't know much about retirement. With the continuous development and progress of social economy, the number of retired employees in China has increased significantly, but many employees do not know how to handle the retirement procedures when they reach the retirement age. Many volunteers don't have a clue. Next, let's learn how to handle the retirement procedures for employees who have reached the retirement age?

According to the staff of the social insurance service center, the first paragraph of Article 16 of the social insurance law stipulates that individuals participating in basic old-age insurance who have paid for 15 years when they reach the legal retirement age shall receive basic old-age pension on a monthly basis.

For employees of the unit, male at least 60 years old, female cadre at least 55 years old, female worker at least 50 years old and unit payment for at least 15 years, the handling person of the unit shall bring the retiree's personal file, endowment insurance manual, enterprise employee retirement approval form, enterprise retiree's detailed information, data filling report, original and copy of ID card and bank personal account (Agricultural Bank of China or postal savings bank), Go through the formalities in the retirement section of the social insurance service center in the month of retirement. Freelancers and individuals who pay by filing, men over 60 years old, women over 55 years old and payment over 15 years old, shall work in person. 1. Determine the retirement age of employees. Ordinary employees are women, and they can retire at the age of 50. Female cadres of organs, enterprises and institutions should be at the age of 55. Men are 60 years old. Therefore, if you want to retire normally, you must reach the specified age.

2. Prepare materials of human resources and Social Security Bureau. Take government organs and institutions as an example. If employees meet the specified retirement conditions, they should prepare some materials. First, operate the retirement application in the human resources and social security bureau system. After the application is approved, print the retiree approval form and approval form in triplicate from the system. And prepare three one - inch photos

3. Seal relevant seals. If an employee has a one-child certificate, he / she should also take this certificate to the human resources and Social Security Bureau to handle the approval form for receiving the one-child fee. Seal the official seal of the unit first, and then go to the human resources and Social Security Bureau and the relevant departments of the Finance Bureau.

4. Prepare the materials for the Social Security Bureau. After the human resources and social security system completes the retirement operation, you have to go to the pension Department of the social security bureau to go through the insurance procedures. The current pension payment has been transferred from the Finance Bureau to the Social Security Bureau, so it is necessary to fill in the relevant forms provided by the Social Security Bureau as required, copy the retirement approval form, approval form and copies of the one-child form, affix the official seal of the unit and submit them to the elderly Care Department of the organ of the Social Security Bureau.

5. Pay attention to the time.

The form of the general organ elderly care department will be filled out after the 15th. After completing the formalities, the human resources and Social Security Bureau will give the employee a retirement certificate and stick the photo on it. However, in addition to the formalities of the organ pension department, before the 15th of the next month, you should go to the collection and payment department to declare the insurance of the current month.

6. Complete the insurance attrition procedures of the current month.

When applying for the insurance of the current month at the beginning of the month, you should fill in the on-the-job retirement form of employee medical insurance in duplicate, that is, the staff reduction form. Hand it over to the staff of the Social Security Bureau for the change of insurance personnel in the current month and complete the handling of medical insurance procedures. Finally, the whole retirement procedure has been completed.