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Electric vehicles usher in new regulations. Only those who meet the conditions can be licensed?

With the improvement of living standards, people's concept of environmental protection is also deepening. If we blindly ask for it from nature, what will we leave for our future generations! Under the concept of environmental protection, many new energy vehicles came into being, including new energy vehicles and two wheeled electric vehicles. However, there are more and more electric vehicles. If there are no relevant traffic rules to control, it will also bring great problems. Now let's see what new regulations the state has issued to restrict electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles should be treated from the perspective of splitting into two. Although electric vehicle travel has brought us great convenience, environmental protection and effectively reduced pollution, we must also admit that some electric vehicle drivers run red lights, drive at will, stop and place at random, retrograde and other situations that do not comply with traffic rules, resulting in great potential safety hazards, Traffic accidents are not uncommon. Therefore, relevant departments have issued relevant policies to plan and strengthen management, and there are clear restrictions on the speed, weight, license plate, volume and length of electric vehicles.

After May 1, the new regulations on electric vehicles will be implemented. Those who want to ride or buy electric vehicles need to pay attention.

1、 The speed limit will be imposed on electric vehicles, which means that in the future, electric vehicles can not exceed the limited speed at will, otherwise it will violate relevant regulations. Now it is limited to a driving speed of no more than 25 kilometers per hour.

2、 When purchasing electric vehicles, pay attention to the purchase of new national standards. Those that do not meet the requirements are not allowed to be licensed. After purchasing vehicles, they need to have electric license plates. Those without license plates will not be able to drive on the road. Once they are found, they will also be punished.

3、 Now the weight of the electric vehicle is adjusted from the original 40kg to the new national standard 55kg, including the battery, which effectively increases the driving time.

4、 Electric vehicles can travel at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour and must be licensed. Such vehicles are classified as electric motorcycles.

5、 Electric vehicles need to be equipped with pedals. Without pedals, licensing is not allowed.