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What are the new regulations on extending the retirement age for female civil servants?

Now the retirement age has been concerned by people. The retirement age means that workers will retire after reaching the legal age and enjoy social security after retirement. Now the aging of the population is becoming more and more serious, which has to let the country adjust its retirement policy. As far as China is concerned, it has decided to delay the retirement age, so what are the provisions for the extension of the retirement age of civil servants?

The latest regulations on retirement age: the Ministry of Social Security announced today the delayed retirement schedule, and the latest delayed retirement method will be implemented as early as 2022!

The pace of the retirement age policy for civil servants is becoming clearer and clearer. The Central Committee of the Third Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee has finalized that from 2015, female employees and residents born in 1965 should delay receiving pensions for one year, those born in 1966 should delay receiving pensions for two years, and so on. By 2030, women will receive pensions at the age of 65. 2. From 2020, male employees and residents born in 1960 will delay receiving pensions for six months, and so on. By 2030, male employees and residents will receive pensions at the age of 65.

During deliberation, the committee members said that in the pension reform plan, the state unifies the basic old-age insurance, and the remaining supplementary part depends on the annuity paid by everyone. If you pay more, you will get more, and if you pay less, you will get less. After the implementation of the reform, the relevant departments should calculate how much the gap between the pensions of retirees in organs, institutions and enterprises will be narrowed.

"Because the gap between enterprises is also very large. Some enterprises operate very well and some enterprises are very poor, so the annuities paid by different enterprises for employees can not be the same. Is there a ceiling and a floor for the supplement? Can this control the retirement income gap? ', It is hoped that the state will introduce new policies to alleviate social contradictions and not produce new social contradictions or even expand social contradictions.

With regard to pension reform, representative Huang said that decision-making departments must implement policies as soon as possible. As a policy maker, the Ministry of human resources and social security should not only consider issues from its own perspective or from the perspective of a few departments, but should take more account of the interests of the people and vulnerable groups.