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What are the luxury brands of women's bags? Look at these models

Now women are more beautiful and like to dress themselves up. From clothes to shoes to bags, a good bag on their back can show their temperament. However, many women prefer to buy bags. There are many large and small bags at home, so they can match clothes at will? Next, let's take a look at the luxury brands of women's bags?

Recommendation 1 -- Hermes bag

Every luxury brand is trying to create its own iconic bag, and then make it a classic, so that fashion will last forever. However, Hermes has created two classics. One is Kelly bag and the other is Birkin bag. Kelly bag was originally designed as a saddle bag for hunters. It is the earliest piece of Hermes leather goods. It was launched in 1892 and is very strong. In the 20th century, the size was modified for the convenience of women. Until 1956, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco frequently appeared in public with this bag, making it popular all over the world.

The birth of Birkin bag comes from Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin needs a simple and practical bag to hold many things, but it is convenient to take things, so Dumas, the former chief designer of Hermes, designed this bag and became popular all over the world. So far, this bag even has at least one star.

Recommendation 2 - Chanel

Although Chanel didn't start as a leather goods maker, Chanel's Lingge bag is something that every bag can't miss. It has soft and smooth texture and warm touch. The design of Lingge is simple and elegant. Coupled with the button with Chanel logo and metal chain, it is just the so-called combination of hardness and softness, which complement each other.

Chanel is now loved and sought after by all kinds of people. Its bags are one of the most common styles used by women, which shows its popularity.

Recommendation 3 - Prada

Prada, one of the leading figures in the fashion empire, can't do without a bag. Prada's most representative is the killer bag. The popularity of killer bag comes from a movie. Because she was carried by the killer Mona in the film mission impossible 4, she covered the pistol and loaded the diamond. The eye-catching triangle appeared on the big screen many times, which attracted low exclamation Prada in the dark cinema again and again, thus instantly becoming the hottest bag in 2012.

Prada killer bag, double zipper, shoulder strap, practical and exquisite.