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What new changes have taken place in the maternity insurance policy? Mainly in several aspects?

With the opening of the two-child policy, many families are under great pressure to raise the elderly after considering one child. Usually, they will choose to have two children at home. Childbirth will involve the issue of maternity insurance. Take Jilin Province as an example to see what new changes have taken place in the maternity insurance policy in 2019, mainly in several aspects?

1、 Lower maternity insurance rates

Where the cumulative balance of maternity insurance fund exceeds 9 months, the rate of maternity insurance fund shall be adjusted to within 0.5% of the total wages of employees of the employer in the previous year.

2、 Unified maternity insurance premium financing

After the maternity insurance is arranged by the financial budget at the same level and allocated to the insured unit, the insured unit shall pay it according to law.

3、 Adjust the incentives for parents of only children after retirement

Cancel the policy of paying a one-time reward of 500 yuan from the maternity insurance fund for the retirement of only child parents.

4、 Strengthening fund monitoring and management

1. After the rate is reduced, the maternity insurance fund budget shall be adjusted according to the procedure, and the fund monitoring shall be carried out on a monthly basis. If the accumulated balance of the fund is less than the three-month payment limit, an early warning plan shall be formulated and reported to the regional government, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and the Provincial Department of finance.

2. Improve the mutual aid and anti risk ability of the fund. We will standardize maternity insurance benefits, severely crack down on illegal acts of defrauding maternity insurance funds, and strive for fund balance.

3. When the accumulated balance of maternity insurance fund is insufficient to pay, the overall planning area shall take measures to strengthen expenditure management, temporary subsidies and adjust the rate to ensure the balance of fund revenue and expenditure and ensure that the insured employees enjoy maternity insurance benefits as required.

5、 Strengthen the implementation of maternity insurance

1. Improve the efficiency of fund use, reduce the burden on employers, promote employment stability, and implement active fiscal policies.

2. We should reduce the burden on employers, mobilize the enthusiasm of employers to participate in insurance, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments, and do a good job in analyzing and predicting the birth situation.

3. Reduce the maternity insurance premium rate, unify the financing channels of maternity insurance premium, and adjust the incentive fee for parents of only children after retirement.